Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Completed: Sunday Without God [spoilers kinda]

Last anime one of these for the day and again it should be short cause i don't have much to say.

It seems like every season i end up watching one "wtf is this" show... sometimes you get a little gem like Shin Sekai Yori and other times you are still as confused as when you started like Humanity has declined.

this is.... kinda in between the two.... leaning closer to Humanity has declined.

Sunday without god is an anime about a world that 'god has abandoned', no one dies anymore and no new babies either.... well people can die but they go on living so gravekeepers go around burying people.
at least thats what the show wants you to think it's about.

this show has three stories.
1. Ai's hometown and hampany hambert.

2. the village of the dead.

3. class 3-4s endless loop.

none have any connection threads except for main characters and the fact that these situations were created by wishing.

we find out pretty early that it wasn't god givign up on the world but rather people wishing not to die and being more of a be careful what you wish for kinda of tale.

but.... other then that it all seems kinda pointless.

a character can't die... then he dies
a character and kill the living with just a look or hearing their voice... but they are a nice kid and everyone is happy...
a class is stuck in a timeloop cause people wished someone hadn't died.
um... i'm confused.... what was this about
was it a be careful what you wish for?
why did it matter that ai was half gravekeeper and half human...
why are there a few types of gravekeepers?
why don't other wishes seem to work
why is there a school that gathers up gifted children?
why do we focus on scars baby then completely forget about that arc?
Why do they drive in one of those BMWs from the 70s?!

nothing is explained.
i feel like this show needs a second season but i don't think it'll get one... i think it thinks it's done.

i will say some positives.
i would love to own the score to this show... it's so pretty.
the art is very pretty and colourful and the character design (more so the versions in the end credits) is so darn cute... i love that Ai's sunburst hat thing looks like a normal straw hat when it's on it's side...
but as far as story goes... i just don't get it...
i mean i get the stories as pieces... but not as a whole.
this show should be called "the adventures of Ai Asten" since the whole "without god" is dropped just about as quickly as it's mentioned.

oh... i also like that everything is written in french... i dunno made me smile

do i like it?
i'm leaning towards no.... i like some of the things it does... but not the whole... maybe if the ending was actually an ending?
but seriously i need to find it's score.... so pretty

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