Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Completed: Slight and Shadow (Fate forsaken book 2)

book by Shae Ford
ugh.... waiting sucks....
but.... gotta do it.... *sighs*

so this is a sequel to the book i finished a few days ago, Harbinger, and where i found that one was good but i could put down if i needed to... not the case with this one... it was really hard to put down.

we continue with Kael on his adventure and meet even more characters on his way to challenge Titus and save his home.

anymore then that is spoiler so tough.

now i will say that in almost every other series when there are multiple view points theres always that one you want to speed through to get to the good ones.
that didn't happen here... i never went "NO go back to the other character" cause all the timelines were interesting.
a lot more characters were introduces and i loved all of them though i'm sad some are being left behind.... though knowing that particular character he will get around it.

also the book, much to my surprise, did make me tear up. something happens to a character and yeah... it was sudden but it had a real sweetness to it but still i will admit... you got tears out of me... well done.

so yeah... i really like this series... it looks like i get to wait a bit before the next one but hey... just means another newsletter to sign up for (amazon needs to figure out a 'watched authors' system so when certain people release books i can buy them.)

so yeah go pick up Slight and shadow right after you read Harbinger

now i need to find a new series to read while i wait...
preferably one thats all done... cause waiting is terrible.... not good at it at all.

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