Saturday, 28 September 2013

Window shopping -From start to finish-

so probably the molst annoying part about finish a series and/or a string of commissions is suddenly you have full creative control bout what you are going to produce next.
sometimes this sudden freedom backfires and in my case more often then not i go into a slump for a few days.

that 'kinda' happened here
though it wasn't really a slump cause i was drawing plenty and even enjoying it...
i just didn't feel like finishing anything.

then Radiant historia came in the mail... and i wasted a good amount of time i should have been working on that (cause it's a really good game and if you ever get the chance you should play it)
and while i was using radiant historia to procrastinate i also had a pinched nerve that made my right arm numb and therefor useless for art... so i skecthed this piece about a week ago.

and as i said on tumblr "bah... perspective? wuzzat?!" cause yeah... it was just wonky as hell but still i need to work on backgrounds so i figured... why not just paint the bg?
perspective is still wrong but at least i tried?
do i get a gold star?
anyways it was here were the game arrived...
and that was the worst time cause i was debating between lines or lineless and a game was a big distraction from everything.

so i did the lines while i waited for my 3ds to charge but... i just wasn't feeling them... the lined forground clashed with the lineless bg... i knew one would have to change... so i figured... i'll make her lineless... it'll be a good experiement.
i beat my game (and ordered the soundtrack) and then got to work and rememdered a few things
i hate doing lineless cause i suck at it.
i hate doing one layer cause i suck at it BUT it'll be the fastest way to bring harmony to this so.... suck it up princess and get to work.

the for some reason i guess i didn't save and i lost about half an hour of work.... which is probably good cause my second attempt at the bit i lost was better... and here we have the finished product.
do i like it?
not really...
did i have fun with it?
hell yes..
i also learned a lot and of my lineless crap this has been the most successful
my perspective could be better but still in the end i'm glad i pushed myself.

so yeah... good thing to note that even when you aren't thrilled with something try to make the best of it and you can always learn.

oh and all of this was done in paint tool sai.

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