Thursday, 18 July 2013

First impression: Shin Megami Tensei IV

normally i don't do first impressions for games cause... well.. .they tend to be short enough to not warrent it.
SMTIV is an exception to this rule...
i'm 10ish hours in (granted i have been doing a lot of side quests and griding) and i'm only just not starting to get more places to visit.

Also, even though this game has an option for lower difficulty... who knows how long till i beat it... under the impression that i actually get to beat it.
but i wanan talk about it... so... .while my 3ds charges i think it's a good time.

 i'll keep it as spoiler free as i can cause... it's a brand new game and i'm really close to the start still... so there isn't much i can spoil.

You, The protagonist (who's default name is Flynn so i'll call him that), have just turned 18.
apparently in this world youths that hit that age once a year need to go through 'the rite'
you put on a gauntlet and if it 'shines' you will be chosen as a samurai and forced to work as one.

wait a second that gauntlet looks familiar.
it's around this point where it's pretty easy to pinpoint when the is set... especially when you consider where other SMT games have been set.

well apparently theres someone distributing 'something' (can't tell you what cause spoilers) that causes humans to do... uh... 'something else'
now... i dunno what SMT's perogative by making that do what it does but i see what they are doing... just why 'that' can't you be a little more specific?
damn no spoilers is going to be harder then i thought.
anyways you gotta stop that someone before they get to all the humans.
 you also have the added goal of dealing with the demons. this goes with all (most? i haven't played all of them) other SMT games demons/gods/myths/stories are all real. That turns this game into a dungeon crawler (which is done pretty well in my opinion even with all the "kill this x amount of times" quests.)

After playing for about an hour i went on twitter and said my first first impression was that it was good, difficult but also forgiving.

so what i mean by that.
It is so easy to be killed off my puny mobs in this game. i have actually died more on a mob that just mazioed me to death when i had a character week to lightning in the party because each time the enemy gets someones weakness they get a chance for another action.
also normally in SMT games when main character dies... thats it... game over.
no only will the fight continue if Flynn is killed (you just can't switch party members or use items) but if everyone is killed there is only a small penalty for death.
instead of getting a game over you are brought before Charon who is too lazy to take you across... but if you pay him (ingame money or playcoins) he will let you go back to just before the fight you lost.

hm... an difficult game that has added things to make sure casual players don't toss it across the room? what else was like that...
oh yeah! Fire Emblem! you know the game that they are advertising that if you register both before aug 31 you get a 30$ credit (yay free money for things i planned to buy anyways!)
but yeah fire emblem had a casual mode that didn't let characters actually die!
i'm not sure if nintendo is brilliant or terrified of making difficult games.
I personally like the idea... but at the same time... especially with SMT (cause i played FE on classic mode anyways) i don't feel like there is any fear of my party getting wiped out... cause i can just have them revived for a little money... and if i don't have enough it just goes on a tab.
maybe there is a way but so far i can't see how it's possible to get a game over... probably a good thing but who knows.

do i think thats why the two have been advertised together?
they are being advertised together cause of the SMT x FE game thats coming out later....
it's just funny that both games, which normally wouldn't be targeted to the casual player, have added features to make it easily for people to try without feeling like they suck.

but yeah what i'm trying to say is after 10 hours (ish) put in i'm still having a blast... despite havign just made it to a new area... i have no idea how long the game really is (i'm gunna guess 70-100 hours and i wish i was making that up cause i don't like terribly long games... though on a handheld it's not so bad) but yeah i look forward to seeing where it goes.

also curious to see how much my choices and interactions actually affect things cause it isn't blatant "good or evil" it's "how would you act in this sitation..."
hm... if there are multiple endings this game may only be 40-60... lets hope for that....

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