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First impressions: Summer 2013

alrigth here are my first impressions of the first episode of every new show i get my hands on

Dog & Scissors. 
1. what is with the sudden trend of scissors in anime, i mean we had the really dumb hair cutting anime last season and now this? ugh.
2. fan service comedy show where the main character is killed but because he wants to read a book before he dies he ends up reincarted as a dog.
hm.... i just.... didn't find it at all interesting or funny so.... i can't see myself continuing.
also the girls obssesion with scissors is just strange and makes no sense.... i mean they may explain it later but since it's a comedy fanservice show they probably will just keep using it as a gag and give a super shallow explination for it at the end.
still... i can't see myself continuing much further then this... maybe if i hear other people enjoying it but i doubt thats going to happen...I mean one of the biggest issues is Comedy is cultural... so I'm not a fan of japanese comed ycause even though i know a lot of cultural references i don't know enough to get the jokes.

My opinion before sitting down to watch it:  Oh great, Kyo-ani k-on! style but with boys... this should be some floaty animation with some really terrible anatomy that values moe/fanservice over plot.
My opinion after: what did i just watch? i mean... yeah... floaty animation and terrible anatomy but the characters... who... who thougth that was a good idea... and could they have put in any more fanservice?

Now i am biased, I'm not a fan of sport anime cause 9/10 they are silly/stupid/unrealistic.
I also hate anything that vaguely resembles K-on cause i blame it as single-handedly setting anime art back about a decade since every single character looks the same and moe is valued more then plot. (i mean look at Clannad and Haruhi suzumiya before and after k-on.... you will see a HUGE downgrade in quality)

so the fact that free! has both of these elements put me off the show immediately.... i mean that preview they did a few months ago? all i could think was 'people don't look like that, people don't move like that, and most importantly people don't act like that' It's fanservice at it's most blatant and pandering (though it is fanservice for girls so i guess it's nice that we are being noticed as an audience?)

So it's about a boy who is a little too obsessed with water... like he wears swim trunks 24/7. and his friends from swim club and the fact that one went to australia and now he's come back al levil cause he wants to be an olympic swimmer.... and that makes you evil?
i don't even know.... half this show is guys undressing.
i'm not joking
i can think of 5 times of the main guy undressing out in a public area and then one for each of the other guys.... and while i am a girl i do have mostly male friends and i've NEVER seen ANY of them whip off a shirt that epically.

anyways i've sure the show will go towards them all becoming friends again and learning from each other but i don't know if i can watch it cause.
a) they all have feminine names which makes some of them act more girly which is just cheating IMO cause  it's like "oh we'll give girls fanservice.... but we don't know how to write compelling male characters so lets just make them girls in boy bodies" it can be done well, this doesn't feel like it's being done well at all.
b) i know i keep harping on it but the animation is just so ugly.... at least they weren't all given tiny hands but still... it is not nice to look at....
c) it's a fanservice anime.... which i hate... directed at my gender or not.... i want interesting characters and compelling plot not watch how quickly these boys will strip down.
d) music is important to my enjoyment of things..... the music in this has been dubstep.... if there is one style of music i just don't understand.... it's dubstep.

i'll give it a shot but something tells me i wont be lasting till the end.

sorry.... that was... longer then i expected..... onto the next thing!

Gifu dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji
i didn't make it very far in this cause
1. it's not a story i enjoy in general
2. this one guy at the start has a neck thicker then his head.... mmm no
3. they way thay have dealt with colouring makes things look a little plastic.
4. not a shonen anime fan. 
so yeah... just not my thing... it may be good but i'm not interested. it looks a lot like 80s action shows... like fist of the north star or jojo.... infact.... *quick google search* main writer of the manga is the same guy who did fist of the north star.... *takes a bow*

Chronicles of Going home club
so the idea is what if the going home club was an actual club.
it remindes me a lot of azumanga Diaoh (cause it's skit based with fast paced random comedy) with a dash of Haruhi suzumiya (the part where the club is all about having fun.) and even a smaller pinch of Ouran high host club (rich person who has idea idea baout common life) and perhaps a little luncky star just to round it all off....
thats... this show...
to be fair, it got me to chuckle more then once.
but i probably wont keep watching cause comedy anime isn't really my thing... it's not a bad show though... and the animation decent... though the 'straight man' character of the series was getting on my nerves by the end.... yes shit is crazy around you.... stop pointing it out.

Servant x service
another comedy anime but gives off more of a "working!" vibe... one of the reasons i enjoyed Working (i think it's also called wagnaria) was that it was fun because of situational comedy instead of being based on cultural comedy. Comedy based on situation, in this case a boring job as a civil servant, is way more universal then random shit happening and occasionally pausing to see if there is laughter.
*pause, quickly checks*
so......... apparently it feels like workign cause it's done by the same person.
are there any other random connections i'm just randomly going to make? i'm normally not this good at guessing... i mean i can guess voices easily but not normally entire series. though it does have a very similar look to working...
still so far i am enjoying it...  and right now i'll watch pretty much anything handed to me cause yeah.... not too impressed with this season.... at all.....

Rozen Maiden Zuruchspulen
I have watched a few of the other rozen maiden anime series and i did read the manga.... i always felt like it was  a neat concept that never went anywhere... like it was cut off before it had time to finish
This first episode feels like it's being played on fast foreward... everything is happening whiplash quick.... maybe because it's been quite a while (2006? i think... though don't quote me on that) since the series originally aired and this is just a quick recap before actually furthering the story?
to be honest... the crossfade style of animating seems a little.... lazy.
but still i wil lprobably keep watchign cause by the pace it set in thie ep we will get new content pretty soon.
a quick note on ALI project
please make a new song... i'm tired of hearing the same damn song over and over... it was interesting but now it's one note.

Il Sole Penetra le Illusion ni ~ Day break illusion
wow seriously... getting tired of the stupidly long titles. 
so when i saw production art for this i had two thoughs.
1. interesting art direction, kinda has a disgaea feel to it (mostly due to skinny limbs)
2. wow bodies do not look that way....
theres one shot in particular where one of the girls is wakign up form bed and streakign her legs in ever direction and it looks like her hip has detached itself.
other then that i didn't think of it much cause.... i'm not a fan of moe magical girls.... PMMM didn't bug me too much cause i enjoyed the story so i could get past some of the design choices (i mean... firts time i saw it i said "wait that homura changed? she looks exactly the same" and i know i'm not the only one that felt that... but again, well told story made up for it.) so i said if it's on crunchyroll i'll give it a chance but i'm not expecting too much from it.
So after watching the first ep... i have one major problem.
Okay so bringing up PMMM again for a second, it waits three episodes before we actually get to know what the story really is.... this does about halfways through the ep... and instead of letting us know what the show really is it seems to be more done for shock then anything else.
i'm essentially accusing this show of being moe for one reason and one reason only, so when it shows brutal violence/blood/gore/death/tenticle like things.... that it'll be more shocking.
it comes off as trying WAY too hard.
now i do think there is a potentially interesting story here (cause i enjoy stories that deal with tarot cards) HOWEVER with the art style and type of fanservice they have been giving coupled with helium voices.... i probably wont be able to make it through.
*quick check* AH... the character design is done by the person who did Astoretta's toy....
yeah i instantly know now that i'm probably going to hate this show.... i'll still give it a try but yeah... not holding out high hopes for it because yeah.... just not going to be for me

The Eccentric Family
First reaction: hm... i don't remember hearing naything abotu this show *click*
second reaction: arts a little simplistic still kinda pretty
third reaction: he's a tanuki that impersonates a human and looks up to tengus (crow... demon... thingies) as they fly above the sky and try to keep a balance with human life
I think i'm gunna enjoy this show.
If i haven't made it clear i love things that mix real world with supernatural.
I don't know why i love it so much... but i do... when that tanuki tranformed into a person i went from unsure to pure smiles in an instant.... hopefully the rest of the show makes me smile this much.
 (everything before this was written before the intro song played... just needed to mention my happy.)
So... i do have a few issues.
Ears look odd... they are very square and i just... don't like it...
Seems to be relying on fanservice as comedy to hook people in but it felt a little unnecessary because i'm really intrigued by what little of the story is given to us.
The art will tkae some getting used to but i have a feeling that this will be one of my favorites this season... and it's nice to see PA Works have a different style i just wish it was as detailed as some of their other titles.

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realists.
well that got shonen ai-ish faster then i have seen any show do.... i hope it has some plot cause if it's just fanservice i'm out...
OH BOY.... Shota.. BL Shota... is there a term for that?... i don't know....
this just... doesn't compute... i don't get the allure....
also kid... being a realist is one thing but you are talking to a goat butlet and you can't believe that demons exist? really?
I think the idea of demonic politics is an interesting one.... but i doubt i'll continue with this.  I am not a fan of fan service shows... even when the fan service is directed at my gender.

Fantasista Doll
So... magic/yu-gi-oh meets angelic layer and fate/series? with a dash of shugo chara, Rozen maiden, Cardcaptor sakura and moe.
the character designs are cute but.... wow the premise seems stupid.
i honestly don';t know what to think... i'll probably get another ep or two before i decide cause right now it looks like him not watching much...

1. right off the bat due to style and subject matter it reminds me of uh.... crap what was that story called. Ikoku meiro no croisee (aka Croisee in a foreign labyrinth) this is a positive thing cause... i enjoyed that cute story and stories like it... so yeah even though the character design is a little too adorable i think the show looks pretty damn good so far.
2. okay.... i am still in the middle of the episode but i LOVE the fact that it's both in english and japanese.... i can't tell you how annoying i find it when just everyone the main girl talks to happens to speak the same language despite being in a different country.... this is fish out of water done so well. (another good exaple of this is the action/comedy french/japanese co pro Wasabi with Jean Reno)
3. so after watchign the episode.... just imagine me saying something along the lines of "omg cutest thing ever" but only in high pitched noises.
this is so far my fav of the season... it's one of my fav stories and i love how it handled the dual languages... though seriously shinobu only learned one word on her trip? english is hard but... not that hard *language snob*
but seriously i love everything about this so far, the art is utterly adorable the animation is really nice the backgrounds are lovely (though england did look like it was out of a storybook) and i'm a sucker for fish out of water/culture shock stories.
really looking forward to this

The world god only knows: Goddesses
i did watch the other two seasons but not the OVAs... the other season were kinda fun if not a little over the top... this season i'm just not sure what i think yet.
before the goal was get lost souls that just happened to be in girls hearts and needed to be excised with a kiss.... now it's different... so i gotta let it have a few more episodes before i decide if i like the change or not.
this first episode.... it does feel like i've missed a lot... they recapped the basic premise and even talked about some of the side stories but again... i don't know if those are the OVA stories or not cause i haven't seen them... just feel like i'm missing an entire other season or something...
oh well... 

aka: it's not my fault i'm not popular
aka: No matter how i look at it, it's your guys fault i'm not popular
The commone thread is "not popular.... so thats what i'll call this.
i have been curious abotu the show since i saw a review of the manga... and since the manga (as far as i know) hasn't been licensed i haven't read it... so i was happy to hear that it was getting an anime adaptation and the crunchyroll would be streaming it.
*the brother just appeared.*
that...sounds familiar... like natsume but not... whos the guy i always confused to hiroshi kamiya.... nakamura yuuichi! *had to check* i mean... these two actors... are in everything... it's pretty funny.
okay so the show... hm... it's an interesting idea... it makes me a little uncomfortable to watch a trainwreck... i may give it a few more episodes but just... it's a painful viewing experience.

omg these long titles are going to kill me
Stella Women's academy: High school Division class C3
here on out: Stella
now i'll be honest... airsoft is not something i comprehend... the idea of shooting at people with pellets from guns that are made to be real... it boggles my brain......... but not for the reason you are thinking.
I am a paintball girl, i shoot people with balls full of 'paint' from a colourful gun that looks nothing like a real weapon... yeah you have to compensate your accuracy cause paintballs aren't perfect and enjoy veering but thats half the fun... and i just realized i've been playing it for nearly  decade.... suddenly feel old.. .sad thing is i still get carded every.... single.... time... (cause you gotta sign a waver)
so essentially my mindset is why play a gmae where people can claim they didn't get hit instead of one that splatters all over.... though you can wipe... though never wipe near my cause i will throw you to the lions.... this one guy was on my team and as i was walkign off i noticed he had been hit but wasn't leaving.... a barrel *covered but he didn't know that* to the back quickly changed his mind.
wait... what was i talking about.... oh right... stella...
lets all be honest... this is a show that was made to show moe girls holding guns.
however it doesn't seem terrible....
still.... paintball > airsoft... (in my opinion)
but still... i get the glasses (though i prefer a full out mask) and gloves.... but why knee pads and elbow pads... that stuff just restricts movement and adds unnecessary weight....
ah whatever thats just my opinion cause i played as light as i could (focusing on speed and accuracy..... and charging up the middle of the field since no one does that.... but honestly it was the most fun... mad it so much easier to get behind enemy lines~
ah i miss paintball >< stupid wrist injury means i barely play anymore... but yeah... anime was decent but i rather just play the real thing.

Sunday without God
what.... did i.... just watch....
well... it was pretty....
and the designs were a little moe but not in a distracting way...
i don't know what i think of this one.... interesting concept i guess but i have no clue whats going on.
i'm giving this one a little more time....

Silver spoon 
Ah... this is one of 'those' anime...
 i've noticed a disturbing trend in some shows (true for all shows from all countries) where when something is becoming less popular (carrier choice, mode of tranportation, travel location ect.) thye make a tv show trying to show how cool/awesome/quirky/funny it really is.
a good example i can think of is Miracle train... where the subway stations are personified as hot boys and the one girl gets to 'ride' them all and discover more about the subway.
i am not joking
this is a show that exists
and it's terrible...
now that coming from someone who gave up after they were like "now you can only carry something these specific dimensions onto the train" cause it was like... wow that show was trying too hard.
now i need to mkae it clear that i have nothing against putting in tidbits of information into media....
it's a good way to have someone look something up and learn it on their own cause thye are curious.
Like when i was watching yumeiro patissieru and she made a log cake and i had never heard fo such a thing... i looked it up and found out about a new type of cake.
but making a show which only has the purpose of showing you how great something is will always... every single time.. .come of as insincere and trying way too hard.
so silver spoon is an anime about a highschool dedicated to farming.
NOW... knowing that farming is one of those fields that most kids don't want to go into yet it is a nessicary trade i can understand why a show would want to show how rewarding farming can be
but this is just trying way too hard.
it doens't feel like a plot... it feels like "learn about farm animal anatomy/where your food comes from. "
hey.... ever think... maybe i don't care? cause if i did care? i would look it up?
oh hey.. maybe i already know where that cut of meat is.... maybe i don't need you to preach to me like i'm some kind of moron...
shows like this really annoy me.
i didn't finish the episode... if by 10 minutes you've pissed me off then you have majorly screwed up.
but seriously who doesn't know where eggs come from? who could be that stupid? the show just wanted an excuse to say anus over and over and over.

Fate/Kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA
Dear people who give shows titles....  please remember that people are just going to shorten it so give things easier to remember shorter titles...
thank you
going into this show i though "so... fate/stay night world but with magical girls?"
First impression: what... happened to the art
it looks so bad
so very moe
ugh... it's painful to watch...
so after watchign the show.... ugh
i think i've made it clear that i don't have a lot of tolerance for moe or blatant fanservice.... and one type i hate the most is Loli fanservice.
also my first impression was pretty accurate i just forgot to add with elements of meta humor and Cardcaptors.
will i continue? no...
if the art were better or the story more amusing or maybe a little less loli moe fanservice... then maybe... but Illya's voice is grating and the concept is just stupid so i'll take a pass. 

Gatchaman Crowds
um.... i know nothing about gatchaman...
no i do know about the old one.. .it was called something else here wasn't it...
this looks...... nothing like that...
Again... the art in this is pretty terrible...
and this blatant fanservice
you know what?
i'm tired and i don't want to waste my time on this... if i wanna watch gatchman i'll just watch the old one... the characters are just too annoying and in the end i just don't care.

only one show left.... : (

Hakkenden Season 2
oh... .would you look at that.... i still don't care.
i wanted to like this show... but no.. i'm done... if after 14 episodes i still do not even remotely care... you have not done your job. 

so yeah not bothering with anything on funimation (cause no hulu in canada) though i was curious about dangan ronpa... guess i'll just have to play the game when it comes out.

so out of the 19 shows i tried...
i ended up not continuing anything from a previous season and it looks like i'll be watching...
Servant x service
Genshiken 2
Eccentric family

the shows i'm going to give another ep or two before deciding are.
Fantasista doll
Rozen Maiden: zuruckspulen
Day break illusion
sunday without god.

i may also watch Free in a way where i give episode by episode reviews but honestly... i dont want to put myself through that crap.
why can't it be the fall season already? it'll have Kurobasket 2 and thats enough to make me happy.

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