Monday, 8 July 2013

Completed: Oberons Dream (the godlanders war) by Aaron Pogue

So... a quick little story.... followed by a different kind of review.

today i went to the dentist cause i broke one of my wisdom teeth, while in the waiting room i pulled out my lovely kindle and sighed "i never get to spend time with you anymore... i'm too busy working on things.... i'm only halfway through this book by my fav author" *insert sadface here*
so i started to read and by the time i could leave i was at 70%.... not bad.
we get home.... about 30 mins later the power goes out...
and.... since i couldn't use my comp at all.... i figured i may as well keep reading my book.

then i finished it.
and was all
"but.... i write reviews right after finishing these.... but no computer"
*moment of silence*
then a lightbulb went off.... from the yeasteryear of highschool i did still have lined paper stashed away.
and even though my writing is chicken scratch.... i figured for this book... it's the PERFECT way to review it.

too messy: don't read;
i loved the book and this series is probably going to end up one of my favorites of his... you can get it for your ebook for 4ish bucks.

ok... onto the 'review'
told ya.... cursive chicken scratch...
is it true that they don't teach cursive anymore? so sad if true : (
but yeah... another great book, can't wait for the next one.

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