Thursday, 4 July 2013

Completed: My Teen Romantic comedy SNAFU

AKA: My youth romantic comedy is wrong as i expected

but i'm just call it SNAFU.

1. I was dreading this show, the title was incredibly stupid
2. The art look pretty odd with strange designs and face placement on the characters which always puts me on edge.
3. it just looked like you typical Harem show.

Then i watched it.
boy was a surprised at how much i enjoyed this.

So the main character is Hikigaya, Hachiman. he was injured for the first chunk of highschool so he didn't have a chance to join a group at the same time as everyone else... therefor he decided that it was just better to be left alone... since most people find him odd or creepy to begin with... and no one can remember his name.
this isn't good enough for his teacher though and after one too many snarky papers being handed in she decided to fight back by forcing him to join the service club, a club dedicated to fufilling requests from students.
Thing is it only has one member... Yukino Yukinoshita. a lovely girl with class and bueaty and the personality of a robot... she is equally as lonely but unlike hikigaya she still stands out quite a bit even if she isn't well liked.
one of the people they help, Yui Yuigahama ends up joining the club because she has a crush on hikigaya after he helped her in the past.

so yes... this show has a romantic/haremesque feel....
Hikigaya is so dense and such a martyr and can't comprehend the idea of anyone being nice to him out of anything more then pity....
so that creates a more interesting relationship dynamic between the three of them... and unlike oreshura which added too many charcaters this stays small while still having quite a few reoccurring characters.

there is an open ended feel to how this series ends... it could easily have a second season.
I kinda hope it doesn;t.... this is slice of life and even though not everything is completely resolved i really enjoyed the character arc over the 13 episodes and if it goes any more things are just gunna go into same old same old territory.

The good:
memorable cast of characters.
Decent animation (though the style may take some getting used to)

The not so good:
if your not a fan of slice of life high school drama it may bore you.
stupid title is really stupid.... like i said it almost turns me off of it...

the bad:
could have used a bit more closure cause it does feel like it's left itself open for a season 2... and i just worry that that may be too much....

but seriously it's a really cute show and i think everyone should give it a shot.  

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