Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Little princess - From start to finish -

so the say after i finished my third Estelle series pic.... i realised i couldn't move/use my thumb/right arm at all.
being that i am right handed that really sucked... .
being that i'm a work-a-holic made it even worse.
still i knew it wouldn't heal if i tried to use it....

SO i claimed a mini hiatus, i would ice and heat and drug the shit out of my hand in the hopes that it would quickly heal and i could get back to drawing cause the instant you can't do something is the instant you get all the ideas.

this lasted a day.... and it was a brutal day... but i was good and didn't pic up any kinda of drawing implement (mostly cause i physically couldn't....)
The next day however i had gained movement back and some gripping strength so i did a quick 2-5 min sketch
Dawww i do love drawing chibi usa/small lady/princess serenity
still it was a success in my books.... i made it through without pain.
I didn't want to risk it though so i took the rest of the day off and inked it the next day... by this point some swelling had returned so again... called it quits and today i did the flat colour..... and then very carefully and switching to my left hand frequently i finished it cause dammit i have been working on this for 3 days and that's a long time for me (even if it was only maybe 2.5 hours total.)

still here's the finished product, i took some liberties with the colouring of the manga version of the dress cause.... well cause i can.
and i really just wanted to draw her holding a helios plush toy.
done in Paint tool Sai with some final touch ups in photoshop.


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