Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Figure photoshoot - Tales of nendo petites

I got these so long ago... and then when i was putting them together i broke Yuri's sword handle... so then i got some crazy glue and fixed it but then i forgot to take pictures for a few months

then i lost the spot where i take these pictures.... so until i had a new setup i wouldn't be able to take pictures.
then i gained a temporary setup and all was good and this batch was the last i did before i lost it again.

then.... i forgot i took the pictures for another month or so...

but seeing as i need my memory card to be empty for a convention this weekend i figured no better time then to see if i stil lhad stuff on it...

i'm a bit scatter brained at times apparently.

so..... Tales of series... i really like these games though i've only played a handful (phantasia, destiny, symphonia 1&2, world, abyss and vesperia) and i'm kinda bummed that we are getting so many of them in english for the ps3... cause i don't own a ps3... and i can't justify getting one considering i know i'm getting a ps4 near launch... and it's not backwards compatible.... *sighs* so hopefully one day i'll get to play but for now i get to be envious....
or wait for a huge ps3 pricedrop.... whichever comes first.

also this will be very picture heavy cause with 7 figures each getting two pics plus group shots... so yeah.

look how cute they all are! I got duplicate Asbel with my order but otherwise i got the entire set~

my fav of the batch is Yuri, he just has such a sassy pose... anyways.

if i screw up any names sorry... just remember i haven't played al lthe games (i was realyl hoping the secret figure would be cress but alas... not ToP merch for me (ignoring the scale mint and arche figures i have)

Asbel - Tales of Graces

Sophie - Tales of graces

Jude - Tales of Xillia

Milla - Tales of Xillia

Estelle - Tales of Vesperia

Yuri - Tales of vesperia

and finally the secret figure
Leon - Tales of destiny

fun fact, even though i love his cape... man is it tricky to get on... Sophies pigtails are also a bit of a pain.

so yeah sorry i couldn't do more interesting compositions... when i had the photoshoot area available i didn't have access to the Macro lense... and these figrues are pretty small.

i took these pictures over a year ago but... i mentioned them.. .and they are Tales of related.

Super close ups of Arche and mint from tales of Phantasia... which apparently is getting a SNES repo cart.. .which will cost a few extremities but i am willing to pay for this... really love this game... first game i ever got everything
every secret
ever spell
every level
I also miss my green backgound... helped a lot of thing pop... though it was just a couch we had for ages... my current bg is leftover tile i swiped after the reno was done

i just wanna post a picture of my cat chloe after she turned my recycling bin into her bed.
what a silly kitty cat~
she's very upset that it was garbage day today and therefor no paper in the bin... she misses her nest

anyways i should probably take some pictures of kirito... he's just chilling in his box.
but it means setting up the thing and having to rush to get the pictures done so maybe tomorrow... if i'm not writhing in pain from going to the dentist today. 

for now i hop you have a great day and if you get a chance you should play some tales of games.

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