Monday, 2 April 2018

March comes in like a Lion

Oh... another anime about an orphan..... man i really did have a lot of those this season.

Anyways March comes in like a Lion is possibly one of the most stunning anime I have ever watched. The use of visual metaphor and animation techniques I never dreamed possible blow my mind every time. The story is also really good there isn't a single thing i can criticize about this show.... other then season 2 is over...
Hopefully we will get season 3 next October.

Anyway the story continues to follow Rei as he works as a Professional shogi player. He balances work, school life and the family that continues to help him.

There feels like a bit more focus on the other family this season but I think it works cause it shows Rei's shift in attitude about shogi. It's a difficult show to describe but it is seriously and i'll be amazed if it doesn't make my top 10 of the year.

I know this is short but i feel like all i can really say is go watch it, you'll know weather or not you are interested within an episode or two.

Plus in my opinion it's better then the other shogi anime airing right now (but i'm not a fan of moe so i'm a little biased)

Also you hear the cats inner dialogue, what more could you ask for.
Go watch it here:

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