Thursday, 29 March 2018

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

See... at least one of the shows I watched this season doesn't involve an orphan.... or at least... we don't know if his parents are alive or dead so i'm just going with not an orphan.

Death March start in the real world with a programmer working his ass off to finish a game with a team before the deadline hits. It immediately swaps to a sucked into another world story when he finds himself looking younger and in a mix of the two games he was working on.
Unlike other people he has acess to some pretty terrifying magic, this essentially maxes out all his stats and gives him seemingly limitless skill points to assign as needed.
He uses this new found god mode to be a merchant, travel around the world and make it a better place (well he kinda fall into that)
For a show about a character who is quite literally overpowered, it's pretty chill. Sometimes it's like a cooking anime, it's got it's Harem moments though the main character doesn't seem to be perusing anyone in the harem.
There are moments when there are battles but for the most part he is doing his best to hide how strong he is.

It's a cute little show that was fun to watch.... however...

So far it's only 12 episodes, there doesn't seem to be any hint when we will get more... and as a full story that as of this moment is "complete" It falls flat in every way.
We don't know why he is in the world... just that his condition for being there is different then everyone else.
we don't know why he has a HUD still, we don't know about the warnings concerning one of his party members, their main quest isn't complete and overall too much is just left unfinished.
Now it does say "this isn't the end of the story" but at the same time right now this is all there is and until we got notified of season 2 (which could happen later this year or many years from now) I cannot reccomend this show [unless you just want a chill experience that goes nowhere, then yeah enjoy]

I almost feel like the season finally should have been a few episodes back because it was the end of a large event and we actually get some closure (they even changed then ending osng which made me think maybe this was the end of the season) It would still be incomplete but it wouldn't be ending on such a dull note.

If there is more I will probably watch, it's a cute and fun little show just very disappointing about where it decided to stop for now.

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