Sunday, 25 March 2018

School Babysitter

This is a really cute and sweet story about two orphans being taken in by a lady who owns a school.

I swear I watched more then just... stuff where the main characters parents are dead....

Anyways Ryuuichi and Kotaro have a hard time getting used to their new home when they find out that the eldest brother will be forced to help with the school daycare during his time off. His brother attends the daycare so this all kind of works.
The rest of the show focuses on the kids at the daycare and those who end up as part of the "babysitting club" but the show isn't afraid to blindside you with the fact that Ryuuichi character recently lost his parents and hasn't had time to grieve.

Overall theres no real plot other then everyone warms up to each other more over time and the kids are cute.
Still this show gives me Natsume Yuujinchou Season 1 vibes... it's good and sweet but it feels like there could easily be another 5 seasons...

Past that my only dislike about the show is the proportion of the kids... they all look like babies when most of them are toddlers and should be reaching the teanagers/adults knees not ankles. (and the one actual baby can fit in their hands it just... it's really distracting)

Will there be more? no clue. I would love for there to be more but if this is all we ever get then it was a cute little show in a season where I wasn't watching very much.
Though on that note if there was a sequel where Kotaro was older I think that could be really interesting.

For now though I enjoyed it.

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