Monday, 25 March 2013

Completed: The Unlimited Hyobu Kyosuke

thou the title card has the added thing of "courtesy of Zettai Karen Children"
however thats a stupidly long title so from here out i will refer to it as Unlimited.

If i had to rank the shows this season.... this would be in the top 5 easily.

Also a quick note i have never seen Zettai Karen children (it's called soemthing liek psychic squad over here? not 100% on that) and i know nothing of ongoing plots, characters or events.

My friend who started at the exact same mindset did watch all of it though and read all the manga out and judgeing by her blogs after each episode it made her have a vastly different experience then me... i hope to get a little blurb from her later but as I am an unemployed bum who has no worries ATM she has that school thing that piles on all that wonderfull homework stuff and it doesn't help that they are near the end of the semester.

SO the plot:
Hyobu Kyosuke is a powerful esper who is the leader of a terrorist group called P.A.N.D.R.A... however he gets himself caught (surprisingly willingly) and while in esper prison he bumps into Andy Hinomiya, an esper who doesn't seem to have any powers... yet somwhow.... probably cause they are both a little on the eccentric side... they become friends....
sure it involves hyobu poisoning andy but it was done to help him escape i promise.

So the reason hyobu was so willing to be kidnapped was because and esper child he cared for ws being experimented on in the basement and he wanted to get her out and just for fun he helps Andy as well and makes him a member of the ship.

Soon after we find out more about Andy.... he's abilities manifest as nullifying the powers of espers around him, even later we find out he can temporarily lock their powers if he touches them... and some other stuff but you can figure that out yourself.

anyways antics ensue as Andy tries to mesh with the rest of the crew.

The good:
Andy and Hyobu's relationship is pretty funny... andy is a perfect character to add for an in medias res plot because he, like us, has no clue what the hell is going on.
the show pokes fun at things.... mainly
so yeah.... that happened.
the animation is lovely and colourful and yeah has a few derpy moments but those will probably be fixed for a dvd release (you know like pretty much any show ever)
Ongoing themes, like heart... lots of different stuff happens that have to do with hearts.... it's not wonder certain characters are shipped like mad.... it's damn near canon too.

the not so good:
the story on it's own while making perfect sense is kinda inconsequential.... it doesn't tie up all the loose ends of it's own story because it can't... whether or not that stuff is elaborated on or outright solved in zettai karen children i wont know until i watch it.
It feels like it could have a secondseason but my friend pretty much told me flat out that no it can't... maybe after seeing the final ep she'll change her mind but i doubt it.

certain events are a little anticlimactic... all this build and you get a payoff but not as much as i was expecting...
funky physics funtime..... Andy runs up a ship in three steps!.. yeah kinda silly.

'The children' felt out of place... i get there point but i can't decide if they (and in turn B.A.B.E.L.) were used too much or maybe not enough....

The bad:
nothing about this show is bad aside from the fact that i feel if you wanna get the full experience you have to watch zettai karen children which is just over 50 eps and for some people thats a bit of an investment.
oh and some people may feel hyobu is too powerful, i can see where they are coming from but it didn't bug me.

in the end even if you haven't see the other show i think this is really good... one of the best this season. it had a good balance of fun and silly with serious and tear jerking... it's over at crunchyroll and thefirst 11 episodes are free (ep 12 will be free next week)
So tomorrow i'll probably end up doing two reviews.... one of the worst show this season and one of the best...
if you look at what airs tomorrow on crunchyroll it won't be hard to figure out which is which.
and i'll probably lost my shit... so yeah pre-warning funtimes....
i'm not looking forward to it.
maybe i'll get my friend to comment on that one too.......
kinda wish i had a better setup/wasn't so damn camera shy cause i don't think i'll be accurately able to describe how made the show made me in text...
guess we will see.

Edit: 03/30/13

My friend finished her review, as i mentioned before we both started out knowing nothing but she went and watched the parent series while i waited.

Her full review can be read here

Here's a quick excerpt
I think I should talk about whether this show really works as a stand-alone thing or not. In terms of understanding the story and the main characters, yeah it can stand on its own. However, if I was being completely honest, I would recommend watching Zettai Karen Children and then The Unlimited, but it’s not absolutely necessary. It’s just that there are so many little things thrown around that will make fans of the original series very happy.
 So yeah i think it's safe to say that the show works whether or not you watch the parent series but it sounds like you may get more out of it if you watch Zettai Karen children first.

also a quick side note even though ECM and power levels were never explained i still figured out what they meant to a point.... can someone explain to me why there is a flying squirrel with telepathy that has a screw in it's head? cause... yeah.... i didn't understand why that needed to be there other then having a cute animal sidekick.

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