Friday, 8 March 2013

Little Corwin -From start to finish-

so about 2 years ago through chance i somehow convinced my parents to get a cat cause there was a bengal breeder in a nearby town and a few of the cats in the shelters were not so pretty bengals but still super sweet.

at first i went to look at this one cat and he was a bit nippy and i have an autistic loud non verbal Brother who i feared would freak out the poor thing. but i passed by a cage of a sleeping cat who was simply beautiful and i dunno... he seemed sweet so i asked if i could see him.

He was fat, at 22 pounds, but he's also very tall... able to reach the top of the table while on the ground... i knew his weight would be an issue but i figured taking him home would be better then him sleeping in a cage all day... plus he wasn't too outgoing so it may be a while before he was adopted (no kill shelter) so when i met him i feel in love and a week later i had a cat....

he stil lspends most of his day doing this.... at the shelter his name was Merry (like merry and pippin i guess?) but no that was too silly a name.... so i called him Corwin.... after Prince Corwin from the chronicles of amber.
cause... .cause Corwin is a better name.... then merry.....

anyways this is just me going i love my kitty who has the same name as a character in a book AND also the same name as one of my characters... cause i figure i'm never pubishing anything with these guys i can call them whatever i want~
also i found out recently Corwin can be a first name and a last name.... i had no clue... to all those names Corwin, you rock.

okay only the ACTUAL start to finish...

I did a sketch dump of 9 chibis to get some personal art out in this sea of commissions... i'm gunan have to get over this commissioners guilt because i have a 15 tarot card commish and it'll probably take a few months (less if i push myself really hard but i don't wanna burn out) and if i dont do personal art in there i may explode.

anyways so this was the sketch.
and if you can read my chicken scratch the character in the middle row on the right is names corwin.... everyone i showed this sketch dump thought he looked cute so i figured why not do him next.

now i've never done a full body of him but essentially he's a Dragon and since all characters in a certain story has a stone... his is opal... in his case as well as being in his necklace his scales are kinda opalescent (fun fact.... don't do this to yourself... drawing something to look opalescent is a pain... And i cheaped out... cause i can)

I also, seeing as i had more room in photoshop, gave him more room for his wings. but otherwise it's pretty close to that sketch.

i hope you enjoy it and my little story about Corwin the cat (who despite enjoying not being pet he will always be in the room with someone... just wants you near.... or he wants belly rubs.... greedy kitty.... we also did get a second one 2 months later, she's fun and cute but so crazy.... spends all night just running around) and next i'll probably be finishing up the painting commission i got cause ive been paid... i just wanna get over this damn cold cause painting with watercolours and sneezing do not mix.

so yeah... i should probably get some rest.... even though i wanna start inking another one... oh well... maybe tomorrow...
also i've gotten a lot doen with week... i guess it's payback for barely doing anything last month.

anyways more sleeping corwin.

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