Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Completed: Shin Sekai Yori -From The New World-

so in just a few hours i go from one of the shows the season i hated the most to one i enjoyed the most.
funny thing about this show.... i almost gave up.

Unlike my Amnesia review i will not spoil a single thing cause half the joy of this show is the reveal.

in fact all i can say is Saki is a girl, she's still in school and part of a group... it seems everyone in this world has power (most can be equated to psychic abilities but i'd say some don't fall into any real category) and the world isn't everything it seems.
oh and we spend about 20 years with Saki over 25 episodes.

*thinks* yeah.... unfortunately any more info would be a spoiler.

This is something i'd classify as Art anime.
i don't really know if technically it is but i would consider it as such, there is so much empahsis put in the visuals and how the story is told through what you see instead of what you hear.

why did i almost give up?
the first 12 episodes are confusing, slow and a little uncomfortable.... you have no idea whats going on, what some things are and why some characters act certain ways. the way they pair people up really made me squirm more so cause of their age then anything else.
however you hit ep 13 and... well... all that stuff you thought was inconsiquential... it starts all making perfect sense.

so i'm glad i stuck with it.

The good:
I'm the type of person who constantly is guessing how the story will end and i actually am upset when i'm right... this show had me unsure till the very end and i love it for that. and despite not knowing where the story was going i still knew what it was all about and nothing felt out of place.
The animation is a little more simple then some shows but it has a unique style and it's just well done.
both ending songs are nice but i do like the first ones visuals a tad but more... it's colour blocked and reminds me of motion graphics and reminds me i need to make one of those before i forget how to do it.

The not so good:
no intro song?? what is this?
okay to be fair one episodes (16 i think?) has an intro song..... none of the others do.

The bad:
again the only thing i can think of as being bad is it gets really uncomfortable when you see children doing what they do.... it makes perfect sense in context of the story but... dammit they are kids
oh and one thing happens at the end that they had been foreshadowing the entire time but i still just can't see it... it works in the end but.... yeah i don't think they built it up enough.

but yeah i'm afraid i've already said too much, if you want to see a thought provoking anime that is a little on the slow side but still overall interesting give this one a shot.
it's over on crunchyroll and the first 24 episodes are viewable for free with ep 25 being available next week.

sadly my plans to see From up on poppy hill feel through : ( sad about it but of well... maybe i'll just go see it on my own while it's still playing at that theater. (it leaves on thursday so thats unlikely)

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