Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter 13 -from start to finish-

i'm in a kind of art funk at the moment and i suddenly wanted to draw something so sickningly adorable pople who gaze upon it may have their teeth rot out of there head....

however all i could manage was
other then the hands being freakishly small and the face i though it looked okay... at least good enough to call it my easter pic of the yet.

still i didn't know if i was gunna have the motivation to finish it in time...
so i inked it and then thought. "maybe i can live stream for an hour... having people watch will make me go faster.
at the end of the livestream i had.

however i knew the remaining thigns would maybe take another hour or so of work so i took a break, watched some anime (don't worry nothing i'm watching finishes for the next few days so it wont be so review heavy) and then got back to work cause i just want it done for the holiday.

so yeah another hour of work later and i have...
still not thrilled with it all but in the end it was a lot of fun. and i'm so bad for doing holiday pics at all that it's fun to at least get this one out.

and those that were in the live stream got to see the laziest of the lazy colouring... but yeah all good.
hopefully more art on the way... if not then i'll try and get some reading done.
also hopefully i'm able to finish a pic with a real bg soon, i draw them all the time just lose motivation.

but yeah i hope you like it and Happy easter/om nom nom all the chocolate in sight day.

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