Monday, 11 March 2013

Little Melody - from start to finish -

so i was worried that due to anxiety i wouldn't be putting out much art over the next 4 days...
then i realized this class is a joke and other then it taking up a large chunk of the day it should change the art i'm able to put out by much.

anyways another chibi from that sketch dump.
This is Melody who is one of my all time favorite character designs solely for her outfit. If i were better at sewing i would make it....
but right now my sewing mostly consists of straight lines and the occasional gradual curve
OH and i can sew ruffles cause i cos-played Flonne from disgaea once and her blue outfit is so ruffly.
but other then that my skills in the sewing department are lacking.... just gotta practice more.

anywasy back to melody.... i also love her cause in the RP she started in all the characters had music based names and it was just a lot of fun to name character thematically.
she was also a god of chaos who's powers were controlled by the length of her hair.
it was one of those 'random' rps but it was a ton of fun.

i'll eventually find a way to wiggle her into my main story but for now she's one of my only present time characters. (i love fantasy too much)...

anywasy because i did it all in less then an hour (i know cause i was watching Years in gaming on Retroware ... here's a link it's pretty fun also i'm a fan of informative web content so yeah really liked it) so no inbetween shots cause other then the plaid on the skirt she is one of my fastest characters to colour.
so yeah hope you like it.... i hope tomorrow there aren't any technical difficulties at class cause we paid to actually learn something.... and yeah.... maybe i'll do another... maybe i wont... the ones i've done were the ones i was happiest with but i can see potential in some of the others... hm...

oh well off to watch samurai 7.... almost done... may finish tonight who knows.... though i've made enough blog posts for one day (making up for lazy Feb i guess lol)

anyways thanks for stopping by!

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