Saturday, 16 March 2013

Little Arian -From start to finish-

So i had the line art done 2 days ago, i just spent a lot of time running errands and taking my Brother to interviews for a program that helps adults with Autism... when i tried to work on it after finishing all those errands i realized i wasn't feeling too great so i took a nyquill, watched chihayafuru 2 and tried to get as much coloured as i could before the meds kicked in and i'd no longer be able to holdmy tablet pen.

This morning i wake up and i can't hear or breath properly thanks to random out of nowhere sick.... fantastic... i hate when this happens cause i felt really good and then bam.... so sick i can hardly stand.

but i still wanted to finish this little chibi cause i had gotten 3 of 5 layers coloured before the meds kicked in and for me the longer i leave something sitting the less likely i am to finish.

so yeah i took a decongestant (which has only helped me hear a little better... really hope i don't need to go to the doctor for this.... i hope it goes away as fast as it hit me) and sat down and finished the other two layers.

this was the final of the 9 chibi set i set
and i felt bad cause she's one of my earliest/favorite character but i never draw her... hell her outfit design may or may not be the one i go with... i still haven't decided. as you will see in a second the outfit she has in the sketch and the one i inked are different... i'm just too indecisive.

oh and i changed her arms cause... the other way they felt odd.... i mean they still feel odd but they felt more odd...
if that made any sense.

i would say more but my head is kinda in a fog and i should probably go rest... so yeah i'll go do that.
stupid random sick.... i haven't even been around anyone lately how the hell did i catch a cold?
*thinks about it* the driving lesson instructor..... he was coughing.......
SON OF A *lets out pitiful cry of rage*

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