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Dropped: Oreshura

apparently it has a longer title that translates to "my girlfriend and my childhood freind fight too much" but crunchy calls it Oreshura so thats what i'm calling it.

Dammit i'm so close to the end.... but a few things happened...

first the plot (if the title doesn't give it away)
Eita is a male character in a harem anime consisting of
1. a girl who is pretending to be his girlfriend in order to stop getting asked out cause she is actually really evil and hates love (or does she?)
2. The childhood friend who used to be good at kendo but now can't do it cause of an injury.
then later
3. a girl who claims to have been eita's lover in a past life.
4. a even younger childhood friend who claimed that Eita promised to marry her when they were older and expects him to uphold this promise despite it being made in kindergarten.

the catch?
Eita is kinda a hopeless nerd who is trying his damnedest to be a doctor while th first girl i mentioned has a notebook she uses to blackmail him because it's full of his fantastical fantasies about his previous life.

Before i start 'bashing the anime'.... some things of note

The anime does have some funny moments.... any time eita's being tortured with the notebook i had to giggle.
This anime references a lot of other shows like deathnote and Jo jo's bazaar adventures... again these things (the ones i got at least) got me to chuckle.
The show isn't really terrible.... i just have a hard time stickign with Harem anime because they are so insanely stupid that i just want to rip my hair out.

why did i stop?
currently there are 12 episodes out when the 13th (and as far as i know final) one to be released in 5 days.
HOWEVER at the end of the introduction of girl #4 motivation i stopped.... that was ep 9....
i tried to watch ep 10 just now and couldn't do it knowing i just had 2 more episodes of this shit lined up after it.

falling behind one week for me is risky but sometimes stuff gets piled up....
Two is 50/50 shot of if i will continue or not
three is 75% chance i'm not gunan keep up with it...
4 is dead to me i obviously done care if a month goes by and i haven't had the 20 mins to squeeze it in

Thing is i drop shit all the time without writing a full 'review' on them... why is this one different.

Cause it was all good and fine to a point.... and i wanna talk about it.... and it's my blog.... i don't force anyone to read it.

so why did i watch 9.5 episodes?
i thought the character dynamic between the first two girls and eita was really well done... best i had seen done in a harem anime (cause if i haven't made it clear.... i'm not a fan of the genre... and we'll find out later this week i don't like reverse harems much more) anyways these three characters had really nice chemestry (in a sick and twisted) way and they each had unique connections to Eita....
then the third girl gets introduced and i thought it was a little strange but she was quiet most of the time and mostly used for comic relief and getting Eita in trouble with the first two girls... i didn't like the addition but i did feel it wasn't necessary. 

Then the fourth girl showed up.... ugh.
now... she's not an awful character.... it's just... dammit this storyline gets used so often.
a) why would you expect a promise made in kindergarten to be honoured?
b) why would you expect that promise to be upheld if he doesn't even remember you DESPITE your pink hair which in this universe seems a little uncommon.
c) why would you expect him to trust you when you've been lying about your love life?
d) why would you expect him to like you back when you act like you hate him and call him names and act all tsundere by running away
e) WHY?

She actually annoyed me more so cause she was such a typical harem girl trope and it spit in the face of the other three who don't fall into stereotypes .... even the childhood friend is played a little different then i'm used to seeing.
but the very second she comes along the show stops torturing him as much (cause the girlfriend isn't there as much to torture him) and it starts being more about why these 3 (4?) girls can't stop thinking about eita for every moment of their life.
i mean pinky here is introduced to the show as the one trying to close down the club in order to get eita to stop being surrounded by girls... only to join the club herself....
and less then halfway through ep 10 i thought to myself. "you know what? i honestly don't care.... i don't want to watch another 4 episodes of these characters bickering.... i don't want to watch another 4 episodes of this super washed out show (seriously they need to turn down the gamma) I don't care if the girlfriend really likes him or not.... i stopped give a shit a long time ago... and i have so many other things to watch... why would i waste my time on something thats irritating me? (to be fair there's another show(s?) this season that made me rage but i was caught up on it and it was hard watching the next episode but i feel i will have more right to bitch if i finish it) why am i wastign my time when i could be doing something fun."

cause in the end... i watch anime to enjoy.... i don't always like it... sometimes it makes me rage but most of time i leave it going "damn that was fun/interesting/thought provoking"

however this show just made me go "yeah i don't care what happens... you needed to be firther along in the plot by now...."

but it wasn't.... the plot hadn't progessed an iota from episode one... there were just more girls now....
thats not plot progression... not even in an anime.

however if you like Harem shows you probably will enjoy oreshura.... maybe.... my friend likes them and he couldn't even get past ep 1 cause the girlfriend character is "too perfect" as he put it.
and she is... the not loving isn't played up as a flaw enough... and she never (at least not through ep 1-9.5) gets a smack for her actions.

ah it feels good to get all this off my chest...

also this week will be review heavy since i kept up with way more series then normal and most end this week (think at least count of 12 shows i'm watching 8 or 9 end this week... thought with this off it's 7 or 8)

If you like this show... thats great... i really just hate Moe, harem shows and shows that perpetuate awful ideas of what 'being in love' entails.
this show isn't all that.... but those are things that auto get on my "i'm not gunna have a good time list."
and hey... i never claim to be unbiased....

so lets schedual this stuff out shall i?

Monday: Unlimited
Tuesday: Amenesia, love live (i think), Shin Sekai yori
Wednesday: nothing! so i may move one of the three on tues to release today. (probably love live)
Thursday: Hakkenden, Blast of Tempest, Kotoura-san
Friday: Maoyu
Saturday: nothing cause i dropped this...
Sunday: nothing cause there was nothing on on sunday to begin with.

so yeah... i'll try to spread it out.... but thats when the shows air.... i may push hakkenden.. guess we'll see...

so yeah.... you're gunan see me ramble and rant lots this week.... i hope i'm not too annoying (though even if i am... i'm gunan do it anyways... cause it's my blog and no one forces you to read it.... yay)
see ya tomorrow with one of the best shows of the season (gunna try and get a blurb from my friend since we started in the same mindset but ended up in pretty different ones... but she has homework and work so who knows)  and then i guess i'll just take it from there.

also yeah all these titles are on crunchyroll... easiest way for me to watch legal anime... yay~

Monday, March 25th edit:
Original article here:

yeah.... i still regret nothing

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