Saturday, 2 March 2013

Nova and Nebula from start to finish.

so this was my first time doing a commission that were Original Sailor Senshi... she asked me to do it in the style but all i coudl really manage was the eyes... i hope it was enough.

the other terrifying part of this commission was the fact that they wanted to see my line art before i started working...
the reason this made me scared was that my stuff always had looked best when coloured since thats when i take the time to develope form and volume and all that fun stuff... line art... especially anime style lineart tends to look incredibly flat.

still i sent her.

 though she let me know that  the secodn one needed to look more sinister so i fixed that up and continued on.

Nebula went well, lots of colour which works well for me
Nova on the other hand...
she really wanted all black.... which imo looks flat so i added the faintest hint of purple...
yeah apparently that was a no no.... so.... yeah... all black...
i guess thats paid gigs for ya! customers always right and whatnot.

*sighs* i just... don't like in black/grey/white.... i will always use colour instead.... call it stubborn or stupid but... it's just the way i am...
still i did change everything to be the way the commissioner wanted cause in the end it's their character and i want them to be happy.

so yeah...
now to dump all the different versions lol
the frist time i did it i made the star on the broach yellow but she asked for it to be silver so that was the only change i had to make
nova on the other hand lol

this is what i had originally, lots of purple
but not only did i screw all that up i also messed up the eye colour... oops~
there... that should be the final version... yay
Sailor Senshi OCs are scary...
fun.... but scary.
well i guess commissions in general terrify me cause people have a definite idea of what they want to see and since i cannot read minds i get to hope i'm getting it all right...

luckily colour changes as pretty much the easiest thing in the world... but had she hated the pose i may have had a little cry lol.

but still it was lots of fun but i'm glad the pressure is off... i just have a few more touches to this painting commission for a friend and then back to some personal stuff hopefully cause... i'm gunan burn out at this rate lol
*goes to sleep*
hope you like it!

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