Sunday, 31 March 2013

Completed: You've been Trumped.

I love documentaries, any time i have the chance i try to watch them... but there is one thing people need to be cognoscente of when they watch any documentary.

All documentaries, hell all media ever, have a Bias.
As human beings we can't help but have a bias. well all have things we like and don't like and that shapes us into who we are. Even those who try their damnedest to be unbiased are still biased.
such is life.
You can't take things at face value, you have to do your own research before you can truly make your opinion.

That being said this review will be based on what i took from this documentary and my own personal experience with media regarding donald trump... that is where my Bias comes from.
I still urge you to go see this film and form your own opinion, do you own research and stop letting people think for you.

So.... whats it all about?

Donald trump is a well known man with a lot of money, a lot of power and an affinity for hotels and Golf.
He sets his sight on a small shire in Scotland called Aberdeen which is known for it's natural dunes and very pretty albeit simple landscape.
The people who live there have almost all always lived there, their homes and lifestyles are simple, many are farmers, some are fishers they all have their place in the community.
However Trump things this community could really use one of his 'lovely' golf courses.
The documentary is about how he treats the locals and uses his power to get his way even when it's going above the law.

Not too long ago a trump towers was built not too far from here and i just need to say it's one of the most tacky buildings i have seen, however i will never need to use it so thast where my opinion of it ends.
What i'm trying to say is I don't personally like Mr. Trumps taste, i'm sure some do but i'm not one of them.

and maybe it's because i myself am half Scottish that i feel part of the charm of going there would be to see the countryside as it is instead of some tacky building among much simpler houses (granted he tried to hide the houses cause... who cares what the people living in the houses would think it's his land and he can do whatever he wants!)

but hey it's not like Scotland has any well established well respected golf courses.
oh... oh wait ... a quick search on this magical thing i've found at random called Google shows there are quite a few gold courses.... well... fancy that.

now i'd love to tell you trumps side on all this but considering he wouldn't talk in an interview all we get is that he doesn't like the houses there and theres an ugly win farm in the ocean thats spoiling his view.
awww muffin... life must be hard.

the way he is show treating the locals is terrible. part of that could be editing but there's a clip used off his own show mentioning that he just wants them to hide one guys house and who cares what people think, it's spoiling his view. i think theres one thing that is obvious... some people only care about themselves. It's quite sad what he does to the landscape which i thought was quite pretty.

but the worst part is.... remember that wind farm? well he's put his entire project on hold simply cause they wind-farm is just too unsightly  and it would ruin peoples enjoyment of the golf.

all that destruction
all that money
essentially wasted.

he may eventually continue to project such is up to him if he so chooses, still i think most of the world sees his empire as a joke... this is the man that tried to copyright "you're fired" simply cause he said it on his show, this is a man who has probably the most ridiculousness comb-over ever... but yeah films like this i'm sure don't help his image.

but again, do not take my word for it, if you have the chance watch it for yourself and make your own opinion. do your own research.

You've been Trumped Website

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