Thursday, 28 March 2013

Completed: Blast of tempest

AKA Zetsuen no tempest: ~the civilization blaster~
Crunchyroll called in blast of tempest though so i'm going with that.

I know i could hold off and post this tomorrow but you know what? My blog and i wanna talk about it now not later.
besides it's not my fault that Kotoura-san and this release on the same day at the same time and both happen to end in the same week.

Blast of tempest is about a few things.... oh boy this is going to be fun without spoilers.

1st: it's about a boy named Mahiro, his step sister Aika and his friend Yoshino... according to Aika Yoshino is someone who looks innocent enough but would be willing to lie to your face if it meant keepign the peace. Then Aika is murdered and Mahiro leaves to try and find out who/why.
2nd: it's about Yoshino who gets thrown into a situation so far over his head simply cause he he knows Mahiro and the government seems to be interested since he seems to show up in areas where people are turning to metal but he comes out unharmed.
also some nice foreshadowing in this ep, just one line but seriously BoT well done.
3rd: it's about a girl, apparently a princess, named Hakaze being put on an island in a barrel while wearing a summer dress by her older brother Salmon who is claiming they have to do it to save the world.
4th: it's about Salmon reviving the magical Tree of Exodus since apparently the Tree of Genesis is actually evil (thouh gives them magic for some reason)
5th: it's also about Aika and what a rotten personality she has and how you really don't wanna piss her off.
6th: it's about even though you may start weak and pathetic get the shit kicked out of you enough and you'll get stronger.
7th: trust no one cause everyoen looks out for themself and may not be what they appear
8th: Trust everyone cause they probably want to help you as best they can.
9th: Love sucks
10th: Shakespeare is a bit of an asshole
11th: people who quote Shakespeare as a way of spinning riddles are assholes.
12th: mots importantly it's about what kind of life you lead, do you play alogn with some script or do you fight fate to the best of your ability even if in the end you may be powerless.

i think.... i think i covered everything....

oh and it's kinda like if the tempest crashed with hamlet and maybe some 12th night thrown in for fun.

And it's my favorite show this season.

The good:
The art and animation... it is so lovely, so detailed, colourful but muted at the same time... oh i just love it.
the rules to the world are ALWAYS upheld.... i get so annoyed when creators skirt the rules in order to make plot but no.... no matter what we know a few things. Aika IS dead, Mages of Gensis can only use magic if they sacrifice something that uses technology, the more advanced the technology the stronger the magic. The mage of Exodus can negate the mage of genesis however there is only ever one in the world at a given time. Mahiro and Yoshino are normal human beings doign their best despite the lack of magic to help out.
those things never change.
Though yoshino is scary clever.
The Music, it's a lot of classical and classical sounding pieces... and i just love that kind of music so yeah...
characters are all different and no one falls into "well my role is this to the plot and after that i will vanish and never be spoken of again"

The not so good:
The first endign song is such a troll, many a episode had me near tears then the happiest peppiest ending song i have ever heard starts playing.... it's like... screw you BoT i'm sad and you happy music is going against all my feelings....
it's still a fun song though.
some people may complain that a large chunk of episodes (i think 5?) take place in one spot and essentially one convo.... and they all end of cliffhangers. some people were other by this... i didn't mind but i figured i should mention it.

The bad:
... hm
nothing jumps out as bad... Mahiro is a bit fickle i guess? that can kinda be irritating? didn't bug me.

in the end i loved this show, i look forward to owning it on dvd... though it'll be done through Aniplex which... ugh... i'm sorry but there stuff is a bit too expensive for my taste... still i will buy it eventually.

for now it's all available on Crunchyroll for free, the final episode will be free next week.
But yeah this show is good and it kinda flew under the radar so please at least check it out, you probably wont be disappointed.

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