Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Saturn -From start to finish-

and thus my chibi sailor scout series comes to an end.

But Rai! what about the stars series senshi?

truth be told, i'm not a fan of that season, i think chibi chibi is adorable and sailor cosmos has a nice designs but otherwise... just not my thing.

besides for me doing nine images with the same ruleset (inteactign with their symbols/no weapons/chibi) is hard and i nearly broke a few times with the outers.... so... justsayign right now... that series is done.

i will do more sailor moon art it just wont be sticking so close to the others.

so, this all began on a whim.

one day i wanted to draw sailor moon... a series i had never been good at drawing.... so i drew her and it didn't turn out terrible.

so i figured.... i could try another one.
it turned out pretty terrible... damn...

so one day i was at work waiting for my ride to be ready to go and i ended up drawing all the inners i hadn't drawn....

so i figured id finish the inners since people seems to like it.

but then after i finished them since i had done Chibi-usa as well people were asking me if i'd do the outers?
i'm not a fan of the outers mainly cause their entire season could have been more interesting had the two groups sat down over coffee and talked it over...
still i figured may as well since i really like sailor saturn and pluto.

this marks the end of something that i spent a little over 5 months on.
sad thing is i did three of them this week.... just needed a little motivation...

so even though saturn is probably my fav of the outers her sketch turned out the worst.
ugh... what is that.... why does it look so weird.... ugh... ick... no... no thats gunan need a huge edit.

so i fixed it all in inking and after a little bit of flat colour it looked like

well it's better then the original sketch.

now i was going to finish this tomorrow but after listening to some you tube videos and knowing that i am going to be writing two reviews tomorrow i figures do it now... though if i don't hurry it'll technically be tomorrow... DAMMIT

so i coloured and had fun and ended up with.
this was a lot of fun and i hope you like the series... tomorrow i'll do a big image with all them together maybe... for fun.

for now i'm going to go rest since i don't want to relapse on this cold.

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