Monday, 11 March 2013

Lessons from Lessons - Driving day 1

So i have been holding off on getting my drivers license due to massive anxiety when it comes to cars... however everyone around finally got tired of me being a little coward and have forced me to go to lessons (cause i already have the lowest level license) so that i can take my driving test and get the second level of the license.

so there was a reasonably priced place doing a march break special which would get all the lessons done in a few days. this works well for me cause it all gets done super quick and it was the classroom stuff only and driving stuff later.

um... well... you get what you pay for...
first we get there... and despite the lesson that was supposed to start at 9 we were out in the hall for another 15 mins and the lesson didn't start till 9:30...
no biggie right? i mean... it's a monday... clocks just changed... shit happens.
then we walk into the room... now ou max expect some posters on like signs or car info...
i'll try to post pictures later but we were greeted with an Emac (which i haven't seen since highschool which was pretty long ago), a croocked whiteboard, 3 posters pinned to the wall.... one for hello kitty... one for angry birds... and finally one for Call of duty modern warfare 3.
i swear i couldn't make this up if i tried...

this brings me to LESSON 1 of driving lessons.
if there are random posters on the wall.... run.... just run.

so the 'teacher' began the lecture.

this brings me to LESSON 2
Try to get an instructor  who speaks english. I can handle a heavy accent, thats not the issue... the issue was that he wouldn't know some words so he'd be giving the lesson but i had NO idea what he was trying to say. he would say the 'flow' is more dangerous then drunk driving
what he was trying to say was "being tired is more dangerous then drunk driving."

so after the 'lecture' we were given a short quiz.
now keep in mind how terrible my spelling is. if the instructor hands you a quiz where grammar makes no sense..... run.... RUN...
"how does has drive good with two eyes steroscopic vision"
.... wat?
thing is... i'm not making that up.... that was a real question.

as a quick aside
Lesson 4
stay in school or you may not be able to spell words like Provincial.
my spelling is bad but wow.... wow.... wow.

so then they tried to show us some video.... but remember that Emac i mentioned? it didn't turn on for an hour...
then after it did turn on it wouldn't play the video... and then our instructor left.... and the woman who would be doing the driving stuff with us later was left in charge....

thing is i actually could understand her and as far as teachign goes she was much better.... still with the bulk of the lesson not working we got let out early.

thing is most of this stuff is common sense.... i know a lot of this stuff already... i honestly dont understand how come there 20 hours of class and only 10 in the car.... that blows my mind.

also this all sounds super sketchy right? well... it's an accredited driving school....
completely  100% legit
more then anything else.... that is what terrifies me... i mean... seriously how does a crappy school like that get accreditation from the government? HOW?... no wonder there are so many scary drivers out there...

however the actual driving instructors seemed good and that really all i care about.

so that was my first day of this 4 day course.... i'm not looking forward to wasting another 15 hours of my life but hey at least i also get the in the car stuff and hopefully i don't spend my time in the car sobbing.

and hey as an aside i got to read a lot of my book cause of the technical difficulties and in the end i knew everything on those badly written quizzes.

still such a waste of time and money... you get what you pay for.

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