Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dameon - From start to finish -

But.... in every other pic his name is Kurai.

yeah and for pretyt much the past year i wanted to change that.
See Kurai was the second character i ever made, i was a stupid little 13 year old kid who didn't realize that naming him darkness was stupid.
cause.... yeah it's really stupid.
so with my chibi sketch dump i made it official and changed his name to something that better fit the world that i will never physically write...

Anyways how does one go about changing a main characters name? well easier then i thought it would be.
In the story that will forever remain in my head there was already a character named Dameon.... at first he was integral to my plot but as i created more and more characters his place was kind of lost. but there were still elements of his story that i needed to make things work.
so... because thy are my characters and i have never written their story down in anything other then roleplaying which for me is never canon anyways i just decided to take those elements that i needed for the story to work and i split them between two characters, 3/4 went to Kurai and the rest to Darious... this worked out well for me cause it made both of them more rounded and makes the rest of the story more cruel.... i'm big on character working damn hard for whatever happiness they can get (probably why i like Brent Weeks novels so much)

So thats how Kurai officially became Dameon.... kurai will still be his nickname but i'll probably never use it.

so yeah... here's the finished version of him and his giant ears.

I wish i was better at designing male characters outfits... i always feel like they aren't getting as much attention as the girls get...

anyways i will try and get the other chibis done quickly but two things happened recently.
1. I was informed that i will be attending driving lessons for the next 4 days... i know it's stupid to be afraid but i have massive anxiety when it comes to driving and when i'm anxious it gets really hard to work on art... so that may or may not slow me down.
2. i got a fifteen piece commission project thingy and i'm going to be working hard on that.... i'll still try and get personal stuff done at the same time cause i don't want to burn out but i also want to get this done for her in a decent timeframe (cause while 15 pieces may not sound like much it'll probably take me a few months to get done if i go at my normal full body pace.... i think i'll have to speed up my process a bit for this one)

still these little guys are quick (i think he took about 2 hours in total) so i'll find some way to make it work.

so i hope you enjoy it and I hope somehow these driving lessons cure my anxiety.... think positive and all that 'fun' stuff.

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