Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tiny Rai - From start to finish -

i have a lot of Chibi's of raichana... it's hard to name them... please forgive the terrible name.

okay... so process work... yes...

I've been in a bit of a rut for the past few days, mostly due to being sick and exhausted but also due to other silly things giving me mental blocks when it comes to personal work.

but i hadn't done much other then ink/colour moe pokemon (which is fun but... i can only stand doing so many 'so Adorable your eyes may burn out of your skull' fan art pics in a row) so i told myself i had to draw something.

i drew something based on a tiny sculpture i did in class last year...
it was terrible so i went onto doing studies of dragons
apparently me and dragons haven't figured each other out yet... soon... soon... more practice.
so i said... screw it... i'll do Chibis... so i drew 9 chibi proportion guilds circle things to tell myself i had to draw 9.

i just did them over the course of the day and eventually i ended up with

from the top left corner theres (cause my writing is terrible so yeah)
Raichana, Meriel, Melody
Dameon, Vince, Corwin
Niut, Slavas, Arian

Dameon used to be known as Kurai but...
a) he was the secodn caharcter i made and the name just doesn't suit the universe he inhabits... way too weaboo.
b) i always had a character named Dameon... i never used him so i took the character traits that were plot relevant and just merged it... cause they are my characters (minus slavas) and i can change their stories however i choose mwa ha hahaha... yeah i'm kinda power hunger...

I like some parts of most of them and i figured... this cold isn't going away any time soon so i will owrk on the ones i'm happiest with and since they are kinda quick i may be able to finish them all...
i probably wont but i might who knows

so i just started with the character who i use as my own username! cause why not?

so i started inking... fixed a lot of proportion issues and ended up with.
flat colour for me always takes the longest but i love the fact that once it's done i'm anywhere from 30 mins to an hour for completion, because rai has a lot of layers (hair, eyes, white of eyes, black, yellow, pink, skin and crystal.... and yes for me that is a lot of layers) it took close to an hour and a half.

and inthe end i ended up with
so yeah it was a lot of fun, i think i'll do Melody or Corwin next... for now i just need some rest.... maybe try catching up on some anime... fallen behind on a few titles
anyways i hope you like this and if there's anything you want me to draw give me a shout, i wont guarantee that i'll draw it but i'll keep it in mind. okay onto the next thing!

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