Tuesday, 19 March 2013

OC Ponies -from start to finish-

short story
I'm really really really sick right now, i can't go 2 mins without sneezing or coughing.
however.... no fever... so i tried to draw... well couldn't do anything creative.
so i looked at the style of my little pony.
I have watched the first two season, it's a cute show but i'm not a fan of it as much as other people.
however i think the style is nice and i thought it would be fun, cause i'm terrible at drawing fanart/animals/things in other peoples style so i decided to find some proprtion guilds and i found http://www.thegeekprofessor.com/ponies/how-i-learned-to-draw-my-little-pony-art/
and i tried to follow it.
my result was.... meh...
still i thought it would be fun to turn some of my ocs into ponies just cause i had a base now.... so i tried it
well.... i have the line art..... may as well colour it.... and do a few more so i have all three types... (not counting Alicorns cause people seem to automatically call them mary sues and i'm not a big enough fan of the series to deal with that....)

SO the unicorn would be Raichana, the normal pony would be Arian (AU cause i think doing a knife dripping in blood would be illfitting to just playing around with designs) and Melody is the pegasus with the stupidly long hair cause... well it made me chuckle.

though i guess they would have to have different names based on cutey marks or whatever
again... too sick/not enough of a fan to be creative with this.

but yeah it was fun even if all i was doing was playing around... still don't plan to do anything like this again.
but yeah.... time to take meds and get over this cold once and for all (i hope before friday cause i'm going to a play and i think it's rude to be sneezing the entire time...)

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