Sunday, 31 March 2013

Spring Fairy -From start to finish-

my natsume calenday for March/april has lovely cherry blossoms... i've been wanting to draw some myself... and this is what i got.

again i ran out of room on the page (stupid me drew the flower first instead of the girl.) but still i wanted to do something with my copic markers.
but that meant i had to pick between a few different option.
1. redraw the whole thing on paper better suited to makers.
2. use the copic in the sketchbook even thugh i have no idea how the marker will react to this paper.
3. screw it all and do it digitally

I decided to do a mix of the last two.
i would try just doing it in the sketchbook and if i screwed up i would just do it digitally...
so i inkied it.
tried to tweak some thigns... screwed up the hands but meh... i always seem to mess them up now.
then i did a few tests...
the marker looked a bit spotty on the paper but i knew it may just add a level of texture/with the amount of layers i do it would smooth out.
the other thing i nothiced is despite having slipped some of my no bleed paper underneith.... the moleskine paper didn't bleed at all
not even a little
and i like to work when the ink is wet for blending... and it didn't effect it at all.

i love little experiemnts like this...

originally i scanned the image cause i don't have a proper photography set up for traditional art.
however the result irritated me.
it looks alright... i guess... but all my light colours like the light pink and light yellow and light blue background were gone.
so i set up a markshift photography station on my desk... it wasn't perfect but the result was much better... albeit a tiny bit distorted.

agai nthe light i was using washed out some of the colour but the depth of colour was more noticab;e and that was good enough for me.
unfortunately the best way to see tradtional art is and always will be in person.

still i'll try and get a better photograph later.

anyways i hope everyone had a nice easter and i how everyone a nice spring... i'm just happy to see all that snow melt away.

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