Monday, 25 March 2013

Pluto -From Start to finish-

home strech is in sight... after this one all i have left is Saturn

so the original sketch was my least fav of the three so i deiced to do her before saturn otherwise this project may have gone into limbo again...
and as fun as it has been... i'll be glad to be able to move onto something else.

so i moved how she held onto the symboland resized some things, also her hair covered most of her symbol so i had it go through the hole and i think it looks a little better... who knows.

part of me wanted to draw her key staff thingy but i didn't draw any of the others with their weapons so i didn't want to break the series.
to be honest of the outs she's probably the most interesting to me... i love her story and i love the fact that she is no longer a planet adds to the feelingshe's been forgotten by time to all but those who encountered her.
i'm thinking too much into this.

Saturn should be done soon.... probably not tomorrow cause i have a rage review to write, a wow i wasn't expectign that review AND a from up on poppy hill review (which i may hold off till a day i don't have shows finishing... but i'm seeing it tomorrow...
too much this week.
anyways enjoy

you can find it over at redbubble

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