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Completed: Amnesia (spoilers/rage/long)

You know, i don't consider myself a negative person.... i really don't.
I'm a critical person.... i TRY to see positives and negatives in everything since nothing can be truly perfect and nothing doesn't deserve to exist.

however there are a few anime that from the pit of my stomach make me mad. so mad then i get adrenalin just thinking about how much it pissed me off.

in no particular order.
School days
Second season of sword art online
and now this... Amnesia.

now what do these titles have in common?
other then K-on! they all have characters that don't seem to understand what love is/show that japan has an incredibly distorted sense of love.
K-on! is on the list cause i personally blame it for setting back animation about a decade or so...

before i get mad and spoil the entire show some ground rules.

1. this is going to be long since i have a lot to say.
2. normally when i catch myself swearing on this blog i go back and change it..... probably not going to do that....
3. I will spoil everything cause i can't talk about why this is one of the worst shows i have ever seen without sayign all the horrible shit it does.
4. I won't be using anyone's name cause honestly i can't remember most of them... so nicknames it is.

so quickly before i get into spoiler funtime... the TL;dr: this is one of the most terrible shows i have ever seen, it's an awful example of a reverse harem and the actions of the characters are truly deplorable and they ALL need to see help.

this is your final warning if for some reason you still want to watch this show turn away NOW and go watch it on crunchyroll.

okay.... so if you made it this far your ready for some anger? great.


I go into most anime completely blind of the story, partially cause i don't read manga online (it being illegal and all) and partially cause i don't read show descriptions... i just start watching.
After the first episode i was pleasantly surprised. I'm not a fan of reverse harem at all but it had a few things going for it.
The art and colourful character design was really really pretty, sure the outfits were pretty silly but it was still nice on the eyes.
The intro song Zeotrope is one of my favorite intro songs this season and again has nice visuals.
the story was different.
The heroine wakes up on Aug 5th and can't remember anything... however a little fairy tells her that he bumped into her on aug 1st and gave her amnesia then too.... amnesia within amnesia? well she better go to a doctor.
but no apparently cause it's fairy caused amnesia the better thing for her to do is try to have as many interactions with people as possible to help her remember and how staying in a hospital bed with no stimulation will just make it worse.
still if others find out about her condition then they will send her to the hospital so better keep it a secret.

honestly it's not completely original but it was more then i was expecting of a reverse harem... focusing more on the main character and her memories then trying to get with each guy.

she goes to work and tried to remember everyone.
we have the Red guy who wears a stupid torn up outfit and seems to be a childhood friend, i will call him Emo kid
he have a yellow guy who out of all the silly outfits has probably the least silly but he is wearing a headband... also a childhood friend, i'll probably change his name a few times.
we have a green guy who's kinda quiet and scary and wears at least 20 pounds of belts on his outfit, he will be known as Belty
and we have a blue guy who seems to know he's hotstuff and even has a fanclub of faceless girls... don't have a solid nickname for him either...
then we have the much more interesting girls who are barely in the show....
the manager who also is barely in the show
and finally we eventually meet a um.... well he doesn't have a specific colour other then light green... but he does have the silliest outfit... anyways we meet him and he seems to know she has amnesia.

as she works with them she remembers little snippits.... like Emo saying he killed someone.... and narssicist having taught her how to make sundays and belty having gone to a festival with her... and i don't remember if yellow got a flashback... and i'm no rewatching the show.... though i doubt he did cause..... what would they even flash back to? ugh... more on him later.
wait what was her memory with emo? oh... oh no....

ok so she's freaking out about emo's memory and while the entire workplace is at a resort trip thingy in the mountains emo scares the shit out of her by trying to pull her offside and talk in the woods.
she does the sane thing and runs....
only bad thing is she runs off a cliff.

now you notice that plot i mentioned before.... take that and crumple it up... cause it has NOTHING to do with the rest of the show
she's still trying to remember stuff.... but the rest of it... gone.

so anyways she wakes up in a hospital bed on Aug 1.... wait... thats back in time... thats odd... she's not going to make the connection? no.... she just thinks that the previous stuff was a dream? um.... okay.... i don't buy it but okay...

So as she's in the hospital Emo comes to check up on her and out of the blue kisses her.
so.... she's emo's girlfriend in this world? and i'm just supposed to accept that?

he teases her and wonders why she doesn't push him away or scold him like normal..
this leads to him figuring out she has amnesia but she still gets out of the hospital...
anyways the thing that annoyed me with Emo is that he is fully aware that at this point and time she doesn't remember him. they are nothing more then strangers at the point.
YET DESPITE THAT he whines and bitches about how he "doesn't want to go back to being friends" and he forces himself on her multiple times
Look japan... no.... just no, if a girl is essentially a stranger you do not force her to kiss you, you do not pin her against trees or walls, if she looks terrified you don't do anything to her.... cause she's obviously not consenting to it and maybe JUST MAYBE you shouldn't do things that make her uncomfortable.
BUT NO she's just a quiet submissive girl who doesn't do anything like say "stop it" or "that hurts" or "you are a stranger to me and maybe you shouldn't be pushing me to do shit i'm not comfortable with."

anyways we find out that it wasn't emo who killed someone... it was emo's father.

but who fucking cares at this point.
so she dies again, i don't remember how... it's either by getting hit by a car or drowning or maybe the faceless fans kill her... i honestly do not care.

SO next time she wakes up and it's Aug 1st again, this time she acknowledges okay thats pretty odd.

This round she's out with narcissist who has a stupid spade baret and mark under his eye for no reason and it's never explained--------- wait...
ok so in retrospect it's explained a little but i only just got it now cause i was thinking about it.
see Narci here wished when he was little that he would be popular with girls.
then he was popular with girls.... something to do with his eyes and or the mark
this isn't explained in the arc but the last episode of the show talks about something that can grant wishes and in fact gets more power by granting more wishes..... more on that later.
anyways Narci looks kinda like a butler in his outfit and while he isn't the worst character of the four... he's just annoying as hell.
Apparently girls only go out with him for 3 months and he's all pissy about it....
the reason is that his fan club takes three month turns at being narci's boyfriend and yeah.... they don't give a shit about how narci feels but oh well.

his arc is pretty fucking dull, he's an annoying unsympathetic character with little to no personality and he kidna just wantes to dominate the blank slate heroin and he's annoyed that she doesn't submit to his every whim.
this is not a character i want to spend time with...

anyways main character dies again cause the crazy fanbase are made that she hasn't reported every detail of narci's life to them so they put her on a boat and the boat sinks and apparently the main girl doesn't know how to swim at all.

yeah whatever....

Next she wakes up on Aug 1st and apparently she's Dating Belty who she goes to university with.

Belty annoyed me personally for 1 reason.... his character type hit WAY too close to home for me... his idea of being boyfriend and girlfriend is simply spending time together... no necessarily talking but being near each other. It was irritating to watch and it made me mad at myself... so yeah thank you anime for making me more self concious then i already am... good job.

anyways he listens to the story that it was all caused by a fairy bumping into her and even talks to the fairy.
then in that same episode she dies...
belty who is the least horrible of the 5 only gets 1 episode....
anyways is it this one that she gets hit by a truck? i think so.

Next she wakes up and she's about to walk into traffic and it's aug 1st.
Yellow stops her from dying right off the bat so she immediately jumps to the conclusion that she's dating him... well is is the only one of the main 4 left.

Ladies and Gentlemen THIS is the arc that made me so mad i almost stopped watching.
i stuck with it cause i realized i can't spoil everything if i haven't seen it all.

 what could POSSIBLY be so bad that you put it near School days in amount of horribleness.

well first of all she's being bullied by the crazy narci fans because she's talking to him and askign him for advice apparently.
second those fans try to kill her by dropping a plant pot on her head and yellow sees this and thinks it would be a better idea if she went and stayed with him for a while cause who knows they may try and catch her when she's alone and kill her.

you know what? that is completely valid... there is more safety in numbers when you have crazy people targeting you... so how does he keep her safe?

He drugs her food so she can't stay awake and therefor can't leave.
wait... what?
no he.... he wasn't so bad.... why did he...... WHAT?
can someone explain what love and drugging someone so they can't leave have to do with each other... cause i'm missing something...
anyways the fairy, who i would like to add has BARELY been in the show as a whole and has the most adorable character deisng, tells her just pretend to eat then pretend to sleep then GTFO when creepy yellow goes to sleep.

i'd also like to mention at this point that he has stolen her phone and tried to say it was broken... it's not and there are lots of calls on it... some from the crazy fans and i think some from Narci.

she she gets up and tries to leave, nearly gets killed and at some point he brings her back and puts her in a cage.
wait wait wait... someone.... someone tell me.... how does putting the girl you like (who you think likes narci) in a cage = love
"oh but he wants to protect her!"
no it's really fucking creepy...
oh.... oh but it gets so much worse.
he gives her a really childish dress to wear and then gives her a ton of childish stuff toys.
he is treating her the same way he treated her as when they were children
he is trying to recapture that time.

He says he never touched her..... i'm sorry but i do not buy that for a second... you have a girl who you have made advances on in your sleep completely out cold in your bed/in a cage... you have essentially kidnapped her.... and you never touched her? bullshit.

so... he lets her out of the cage for a bit cause he feels bad.... then decideds no in the cage is better and goes to close it but a phonecall distracts him and he doesn't lock it.
she does the first sane thing she has done all season... kinda.
she runs away....
but she goes home to read her diary to see if there are clues...
NO.... you call the cops... he kidnapped and drugged you and then put you in a cage for who knows how long..... you get the cops to arrest him.
anyways she trips and hurts her knee somehow then makes it home and reads the diary and realizes she liked Creepy yellow all along!

no japan.... i REFUSE to sympathize with this character..... do i need to say it again? he put her in a fucking cage.... he took away all rights she had as a human and trapped her. NOTHING you can do will make me like this character.

ESPECIALLY since he follows her home, breaks into her apartment and says creepy shit like "why won't you just listen to me?"
anyways he reads the diary and realizes what a fucking creep he has been and instead of turning himself into the police or scheduling an appointment with a psychiatrist he brings her to the hospital for the scrap on her knee and all is forgiven.

I refuse.... if the timeframe from the next arc is to be believed he kept her trapped for a good part of a month.
Stockholm syndrome be dammed that is not cool in any way shape or form.
"oh but they used to snuggle together as kids" or "he was just insecure cause narci is so popular"
you don't seem to be hearing me.... i do not care... what he does is criminal and he NEVER pays the price for it... she doesn't even hate him.
in fact this whole arc he says "if you hating me means that you get to be safe then so be it"
i'm sorry but no...
also i forgot to mention... she wasn't actually dating yellow in this arc.... he lied to her and took advantage of her memory loss.
wow... anyways

so.... surprise surprise she dies again.... this time it's the random guy i couldn't assign a colour, he's a photographer... anyways he breaks into her hospital room (cause apparently scraping your knee means you get to spend a night in a hospital.. hell when i broke my arm i was out within a few days) anywasy he goes into her room, brings her to the roof and throws her off...

well thats not very nice...

so she wakes up and WOULDN'T YOU KNOW it's august 1st..... again....
but this time orion (the fairy) seems to be around... she leaves and OH NO IT'S HIM! thats the guy who threw you off the roof.... maybe you should stay away.

anyways he tells you not to go to the university today.... well that was nice cause it's exploded.
then he tells her all this other shit to avoid so she doesn't get killed.
um.... why would you kill me in the previous arc just to save me in this one?
anyways he explains that this time THEY are dating. however he seems to know part of him wants her dead so he says "just listen to what i say but do not seek me out or trust me"
you know what amnesia... i'm still too broken from the last arc.... fuck you... i hate you so much.

so.... he eventually explains that she was supposed to die on Aug 1 and now the world is trying to set things back to how they are supposed to be and it's trying stupidly hard to kill her... but if she can just make it to midnight aug 25 she can live.... for some reason... ugh
however he has split personalities and the split wants her dead cause if she dies he can live and if he dies she can live....
yeah.... still do not give a shit.

then he says "do not trust anything i say after this"
later still he tells her he's at the university and wants to see her.
um... dumb bitch? at this point he already tried to push you down a well.... maybe you should listen to him and no trust what he's saying.
no? no your just going to go out in a storm where lightning and signs are flying at you in order to end your life?
fine.... you deserve what you get.
somehow she makes it to the university AND SURPRISE SURPRISE the evil split personality is in control and trying to kill her.
FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC.... if only you could have someone seen this coming... if only he had told you he had a split personality out for your blood.... OH WAIT! anyways...
wouldn't you know it it's 30 mins before midnight on aug 25... well shucks.
MAYBE if you had just waited till midnight THEN gone to see him we wouldn't be in this situation.

he tries to kill her, chases her into a clock tower which he then sets on fire thanks to lightning hitting a tree.
he goes in, locks the door so she can't get out and then chases her in the burning room.
after realizing that she can't get out via the door she runs UP the clock tower-- wait.

wait wait wait

Maybe i'm just hyper sensitive to the whole burning building thing.... but even someone as dumb as her should know a few things.... like Smoke travels up (thought this is magic non-smoke/heat producing fire so.... yeah) fire tends to ruin a building structural support so even if you do manage to get out the roof your stand one will more then likely collapse.
and finally when you are running away from something.... ANYTHING.... up is probably the WORST of all your options.... i would try breaking a window before i would ever try climbing up a fucking clock tower.
It is at this point we are introduced to a character that not only created fairies but gets stronger from granting the wishes of humans....
a little foreshadowing would have been nice.... and narci's arc doesn't count cause it was just stupid... foreshadowing in one arc is NOT good enough.
anyways crazy bastard has her trapped and goes to stab her but the good personality makes him stab himself.
oh no he killed himself for her.... if only i gave a shit.

the clock chimes midnight, it's aug 26th and with crazy bastrads dying breath he looks at her and smiles. "my wish has been granted"
still don't care.
then magical sparkle light.
then she's in a room with orion and sparkle magic light who wants to talk to her.
he thanks her for helpign make crazy bastards wish come true and that the amnesia was his doing and that bumping into orion was his doing and that she can now have her memories back but it means forgetting everything about orion (and i think by proxy also forgetting the multiple worlds stuff)
again..... i still don't care. while orion is the most interesting thing this story has to offer... he's barely in it.

 so then we get stills of her being loveydovey with all five options... this is after she goes through the door to get all her memories back.
the credits play.... um... so she got with all of them? thats kinda shitty...
the credits end and we see probably the laziest ending to an anime ever.

she is in a room with a Heart card for Emo
a Diamond card for creepy
A joker card for crazy bastard
a club card for belty
and a spade card for narci.

it cuts to her and she runs forward and then fade white and show a view of tokyo "this is your real world"

SERIOUSLY.... you couldn't even take 2 fucking second to make one of the endings canon? you felt "oh we should leave it to the viewer to guess who she ends up... then everyone is happy!"
i don't even care if this is how the game ends.... it is so lazy.

SO THATS AMNESIA.... all of it.... one of the worst shows i have ever seen... made worse by the fact that it was okay for all of 2 episodes.

yes there is good to this trainwreck.
Intro song and overall music is really well done for this show...
in fact general sound design is lovely i just wished the stupid main character would speak in something louder then a whisper.
Orion is endearing but underused.
the animation is really good and really colourful.

The not so good:
deplorable characters, focus on terrible plotlines and not making me care about anything.

the bad:
everything else.
the story
the way the characters are handled
the sudden introduction of the wish granting character...
the idea that it perpetuates about love or how girls want to be loved.
fun fact, forcing yourself on someone or telling them how great you are or sitting a room quietly or putting them in a cage will not get a girl to love you... it'll just get them annoyed and they will probably call the cops on you.
this show SUCKS
oh and main girl has no name.... thats just annoying.
and they never change their outfits except when they work... and considering how stupid the outfits are it's kinda irritating

am... am i done? have a run out of things to say?

well okay theres one thing i need to add.
IF you like this show.... i understand, it just did so much that sent me into a rage that even had the last episode wrapped up everything neatly and made everything make sense and maybe shown some repercussions for certain actions i still would have hated it.
do not waste your time on this crap.
if you must it's over at crunchyroll... but seriously it's nearly 5 hours of your life you will never get back... i am trying to do you a favor.

you know whats sad? this is shorter then i expected
fuck this show.

later i'll be back with Shin sekai yori and maybe from up on poppy hill... though the later one i'll probably push to a day when i'm not posting anything else.
i need a drink....
*goes to get tea.... wait... thats not what getting a drink means? NOOOOOOOO*

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