Monday, 4 March 2013

Mew -from start to finish-

so.... this was pretty quick...
first i finally am pretty much done all my commissions... the painting one needs a little more love but considering i'm under the impression it may be a while before i get paid for that one i'm in no rush... the second she can pay it'll be a quick finish.... but no stressing over it.

however i seem to suffer from commissioners guilt.... if someone has given me money or a deadline... even if it's not the full payment/project/whatever i will have a harder time doing personal stuff... cause i feel like i should be working on the other thing...

it's an odd mental block but i can beat it two (maybe three) ways.

Way 1:
Work on the thing creating the block in question for 30 mins or until i can't anymore (for watercolour it means until i have to wait for spots to dry)

Way 2:
Fanart, I mentioned recently i'm terrible at fanart... i'm not saying that to be modest... i'm saying it cause it's true... I don't tend to consider fan art as my own personal art so it tends to be a million times more lazy... where i may spend 15 mins on an OC sketch... i'll be lucky to spend more then 5 on fanart. however because i don't consider it my own personal art i don't tend to feel guilt when i do it instead of work...

stupid loophole yes but it works for me.

oh the third way is through studies and today was kinda a combination of everything.

I working on the background for this painting... it'll be ready for salting tomorrow as well as some finishing touches.
then i went to try to draw... found out i was still in no mood to do original characters so i figured i'd do some studies....
but first tumblr... cause i'm addicted to that site... and for some reason there was a lot of pokemon on my Dash...
now if i'm bad at fanart i'm TERRIBLE at fan art or animals...
so i tell myself screw that... i may be really bad at drawing pokemon but since i'm doing some studies anyways i will get a random generator and draw the pokemon it throws at me.
then i got like.... black version of that mashed up legendary and said "ok i'll do it randomly but only the cute ones..."

by the end of 10-15 mins i had...
i think the order was Chikorita > Azumarill > Minum > Oddish > 'Torchic'
and then cause torchic turned out so badly (not that Azumaril is much better....) i wanted to draw one of the... 4 pokemon i know i can draw well. so i drew Mew.

then cause... i wanted to work on something and still had no motivation to make personal things i figured... i'll ink Mew but have a heavy focus on line weight cause i've been getting lazy with line weight lately... i thought about doing atmospheric perspective but.... there wasn't much depth to the pose... so i figured that could be chikorita.

anyways so i ink it and that takes like... 15 minutes cause mew is so simple with not a lot of detail... the hardest part is getting the tail a consistent thickness.

so i got this~
for those wondering it is still Cs5.5 extended or whatever... i haven't upgraded yet cause i hear 6 is buggy as hell and right now this works for me.

anyways i wasn't gunna colour it... cause.... well i had no reason to....
but then i thought.... it wont take long... maybe an hour cause gotta get all those curves defined through shading....
so... 45 min later it was done.
i know i've been doing a lot of transparently backgrounds lately... i just felt adding a bg wouldn't have worked.
and yes... i had too much fun with it's eyes.... eyes are the most fun to colour.
i also went with movie colouring cause i like the soft pink as opposed to the pepto bismol colour Mew tends to be... just too pink... so yeah
i could easily make a shiny version.... maybe i should for fun...
tee hee hee okay that was too much fun... but i still like not shiny Mew better so i guess this will be a blogspot exclusive even though no one cares~

anyways it was really fun and so much faster then i expected... if i do anymore from that batch it'll probably be chikorita cause... it's the only other one i like.... isn't that always the way? the first one you draw is the nicest...

so yeah... i should go rest up cause it seems like everyone in my house it getting insanely ill.... yay stuff to look forward to : (
i'm just resigned to the fact that i will always suffer from a cold... it is my lot in life...

so anyways i hope you like this,
it's also a sticker!

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