Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Leafeon - From Start to finish -

So i did a 'request sketch dump
again some i liked, something looked derpy... some turnedo ut betetr then i expected.

my one friend thougth leafeon was cute... i was kinda on the fence about it... i had used my sleepy kitty as a modle so yeah... sleepy leafeon.

after my second day of 'driving lessons' i was begginign to realize why so many terrible drivers are on the road... the standards are so low.

so to perk myself up i did the laziety coloutin of Leafeon possible
so theres the falt colour but due to the trasitions between the green and it's body i knew shading it would be tricky

so i went the cheap way and filled in all of Lefeon with a darker colour and erasedo utthe highlights... then i went in and added core shadows and whatnot.

so yeah... super lazy but pretty fun~

i've never been good at drawing the Eevee family... so all things considered i figure this is a sucess... in the end i had a ton of fun
um Shiny leafeon doens't look too different to me but here it is anyways,
ugh it feels like i just turned up the gamma.... but oh well it's still fun making these shiny versions. i hope you like it and i'm off to pick which series i will watch now... hm....

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