Sunday, 5 February 2012

Seafoam -From Start to Finish-

Another piece from sketch to completion cause... well why not?
This was for school actually, the assignment was appropriation... we had to take someone one of our classmates style and/or content and apply it to our own art. Most people just directly copied from the art they were given... which was fine but i (and the two members of my group) went in a slightly different approach. I decided to focus on process since the person i was appropriating has a very interestign way of painting.
what she does is a sketch and the colouring completely separate then she merges them in photoshop and the result can be pretty interesting.
i also made it a mermaid ebcause she had one piece She sells Sea Shells which i mistook to be a mermaid washed up on shore... she said it was supposed to be like a bedspread but yeah... we all end up taking our own interpretations from art....
I had a lot of fun with the inking, i tried to go fairly detailed since the colour would be completely separate, i based the idea on the story of the little mermaid... specifically the end when she turns to seafoam... I'm the type of person who enjoys sad endings as well as happy ones...
Now this is where it bot got fun and frustration....  this was also the moemnt that i discovered i'm kind of a control freak... i turned my desk, which is glass, into a light table.... but it wasn't a very bright one so i could barely see the lines through the watercolour paper.... still that is kind of the whole point and in the end this was the layer of just colour that i ended up getting...
5 minutes later in photoshop i got...
for the most part.... i was surprised how much ending up being in the lines... and i guess that's kind of the charm with her style. I may try something like this again in the future since i learned so much just from this one attempt.
and as a bonus the teacher liked it and even though i kinda skewed the project to fit what i wanted to do... but yeah good times.
i'm trying to document my work as i go more now so there may be more random things like this in the future... maybe.... just for fun.
um may as well give a shout out to Flowerface since it was her style that inspired this piece, go check her out
alright... it's about time i get back to painting, see you next time.

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