Sunday, 26 February 2012

Completed: Hanasaku Iroha

Origianly published September 25, 2011 on tumblr

The story of Ohana, A girl who is informed that she will be living with her Grandmother at a japanese inn while her mother is off traveling with her new flame.

Of course it’s not so easy… Ohana is put to work as a waitress almost as soon as she arrives and she struggles to learn the job, the people and the new mindset… not to mention her long time friend confessed to her right before she left and her grandmother doesn’t seem to be terribly kind to her simply because Ohana’s mother abandoned the inn.

As time passes however she learns a lot about herself and those around her, she goes through too many emotions to even mention while repeating her mantra of 'Festing' it up which always seemed to get her through the harder days.

Near the end there is a lot of talk about Dreams, goals and the Fate of the Inn and it makes for a really touching Slice of Life show. I was expecting it to be much sadder then it was but in the end it all had a nice balance.

The animation is stunning, the music and voice acting is good and the characters are loveable. If you like Slice of life then this is a must see show. i’m just really sad it’s over… still looking forward to the next season of shows!

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