Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Completed: Paper Mario

Originally posted may 12, 2011 on Tumblr

wait… isn’t that game like 10 years old?
so yeah a while back in he era where cartridges battled with CDs i was in the local video rental store and i picked up paper mario…. i only had it for a few days but i got about halfway.
then didn’t ever rent it for 10 years.
Eventually i ordered it on Virtual console and now it has finally been completed.
So yeah i really liked it, it was really easy but still pretty fun… maybe now i can go and get Thousand year door… but for now i have enough unfinished games on my shelf to last me a while.
I did find it a little funny that paper mario is being ported to 3ds… i thinks thats one of the reason i wanted to beat it cause i wasn’t going to buy it again… and besides i am currently 3dsless.. i refuse to buy a gen 1 handheld from nintendo… i learned my lesson with the original DS.
anyways i’ll probably do things like this in the future when i complete anything… but since this game is from 2001 i think doing a review is kinda pointless… still if you haven’t played it and own a 3ds the port should be pretty good ^^ hopefully.
Edit: apparently it’s not really a port… at least it doesn’t look like one based on the trailer… hmmm i guess time will tell.

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