Thursday, 23 February 2012

Dear Canadian weather forcaster...

stop treating every little snowfall like it’s the end of the world….

it’s winter…. we are going to get snow… hell this has been one of the lightest winters i’ve ever seen.
this will not be the storm of the century… or the decade…. or the year…. or the month…. so just calm the hell down.

every time you do this you make yourself look more foolish…. remember a few years ago? we were supposed to get that massive storm? everyone freaked cause it was gunna be big…. remember what happened? I do! NOTHING…. I think there was maybe a couple of centimeters of snow…. which was plowed right away…. and then we were fine.

so my point is…. news…. all you have to say is “that white stuff is gunna fall from the sky again, don’t be an idiot and start speeding cause the roads will probably be slippery…. you also might get stuck behind a snow plow… please deal with it cause if you get into a fight with one… the snowplow will win. Also remember that snow is cold…. so wear a sweater….. welcome to Canada Bitches….”

which in my opinion sounds much more dignified then “OMG We’s all gunna die! this storm will be the worst storm Eva! go crowd the stores and buy lots of stuff cause you may be trapped in you home cause of teh storm :( also it may just end up being a rain snow mix… which means it’ll melt before tomorrow….. BUT IF THAT DOESN’T HAPPEN THEN WE IS ALL GUNNA DIE : (“

so yeah…. that's my little rant on how the news… specifically the weather part of the news is stupid.

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