Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Completed: Orange Planet

Originally published October 1, 2011 on tumblr

overall this series was cute, A young girl is crying due to having lost her parents and a boy comes out and gives her a gift… the brightest star in the sky that will always be there no matter what the season…. he vanishes and leaves behind a bear named Haru and a letter. “write all your problems to Haru and he will always listen.

Fast forward and Rui, the crying girl, is in her last year of junior high. She’s having boy troubles as she’s afraid to confess to the love of her life. One day, due to a combination of misunderstandings and a kerfufl there ends up being a fire in the hot teaching assistants apartment. To be fair…. he was with one girl and receiving a call from another so the first one kinda sorta became and arsonist…..

Well this has nothing to do with Rui so she goes back to her neighbors apartment where her best friend Taro lives.

When she goes home though she finds that said Hot Teaching intern has kinda sorta made the place his own, using the excuse of ‘having no where else to go~’ she allows him to do this since it’ll only be the length of the internship then he’s off again.

But as we all know it’s never that easy in shoujo… Turns out the love of her life likes her best friend….. who’s a boy so that's out of the question.

Her best friend loves her even though he rejected her…… in kindergarten.
and the teacher seems to have more of a connection to her past then anyone realizes.
i felt the ending probably needed a bit more time to flush out… it did feel a little rushed and a character is introduced only to be shoved to the side have have little to no effect on the plot.

The art is fairly cute, the eyes are approaching Arina territory but i think if i would compare the two they would be smaller…. but only by a little.

so yeah a cute shojo title, not the best but it’s not long so that’s nice.

alright on the the next thing

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