Friday, 17 February 2012

Completed: Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of vengeance (probably spoilers)

this.... this was a joke right?
i mean.... it's just not possible...

ok let me set the scene.

it's approaching dinner time... and i'm getting hungry.... i head downstairs to ask my family what dinner plans are to be informed that we are infact going out for dinner.
we don't often go out so i'm all excited... until they add "and then we'll go see ghost rider 2 cause your brother wants to"
ugh... so yeah.... i don't like nic cage films.... i have nothing against him as a person... eh seems to have a sense of humor about himself and that's all well and good i just can't think of a single film he's in that i've enjoyed.

the reason i went even though i knew i wasn't going to like it? he was paying....

so yeah.... got some sushi then off to the film.

I think someone just figured out how to make motion graphics in after effects cause that's pretty much half of the film...

so yeah... i did see the original ghost rider.... other then him making a deal with the devil i don't remember anything about it.... other then i didn't like it... so i was surprised when 2 was announced cause all i could think was how bad the first one was.

oh well... so yeah.... spoilers ahead.

the entire point of the film is to give ghost rider a pallet swap.

i'm not even kidding...
i wish i was kidding...
oh and that kid is gunna cause problems in ghost rider 3.... i can see it now... *sighs*

i really don't have much else to say other then it made me think of blue exorcist more then once.... *sigh*

edit: i have been informed that the kid whom i figured would cause problems in 3 is the second ghost rider in the comic.... well that would probably be more interesting.... cause i wouldn't have to deal with nic cage's crazy face.... seriously the guy is really good at looking like an insane lunatic....

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