Thursday, 9 February 2012

Complete: Legacy of Y’s: Book I and II

Originally posted june 11, 2011 on Tumblr

So yeah…. A time not too long ago i had an Atlus licensed in every single console i owned…. Rivera in my GBA slot… Person in my psp…. Persona 4 in my ps2…. can’t remember what was in my wii…. and Legacy of Y’s in my DS
Now Atlus Games tend to be on the hard side…. and this one is…. but for the wrong reasons… see in Book 1 (which i beat a long time ago) the level cap is 24…. and i reached it just before the second boss…. so other then needing to get stronger weapons the game was really really easy…… other then the fact that there is no recovery time after being hit….. even at full health you can have your entire health drained from 1 dm hits in seconds just from being unable to move…. but yeah… beat that… no problem….
Book 2 has that same issue but your knocked back more so the no recovery thing doesn’t hurt as much… plus the level cap is 55 which i didn’t reach till the second to last boss… still it did glitch on me just in the last little chunk where i had to restart the game… yay for being stuck in the bridge…
Also the final boss is too easy… by this point you should have the claria sword, shield and armor, be the may level…. have the goddess ring and the shield spell…. all thing that make the final boss unable to damage you…. at all…. so you just slash slash slash away and soon enough it’s dead…. the ending was pretty satisfying so yeah…. it’s a good game that's fairly short and has a few flaws but they aren’t game breakers. give it a shot if you find this DS game

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