Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Completed: The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

Originally published October 3, 2011 on tumblr

My friend had the same issue i have of reading books that no one else around you has read… so you end up lending the book to people for the sole purpose of having someone to talk about the books with… i do it with the Belgariad and Night Angel trilogy and she’s done it with this series.

Now i’ll be honest… when i saw it was in first person i audibly groaned…. i don’t know anyone who actually likes books primarily told in the first person… and especially after the last book i read which jumped from first to third constantly i was a little worried. However i trust my friends taste and although we don’t always like the same things i figured i would give it a try.

The next thing i noticed was that the plot is very close on a base level to the Anime/Novel/Live action movies Battle Royal…. I found this a little baffling cause i had been told this series target audience was young adult…. while battle royal is not for people that young… but yeah… i could spend all day comparing it to BR but i wont since other then the main plot line of get a bunch of young people in a smallish area and pit them to a fight to the death is really as far as the similarities go so far… only finished the first book after all.

SO yeah… i had never heard of the book before cause it’s target demo is a bit younger then me but now i see it everywhere…. it’s even getting a movie.

And yeah i wont say much more because part of the joy of this book has to be all the reveals.
so yeah i enjoyed it… not my fav series ever… those honors go to books written by Brent Weeks and Aaron Pogue but yeah… it's good, give it a read… it’s nice to see something a bit darker for that teen audience…. not vampire romance.

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