Thursday, 9 February 2012

Completed: Dragon Stone By Kristian Alva

This is book 1 of the Dragon Stone saga.

First things first.

Dear Kristian Alva,

Thank you.


I really enjoyed this book, after only a few chapters the foul mood that the last book i tried to read put me in completely vanished.

I love the characters, they were fleshed out and believable. Yes they give a lot of exposition but it's expertly weaved into the narrative that I completely accept being told so much info in such a short time in the disguise of a grandmother telling stories to her grandson.
I love the world that's been set up, the different races all seem to have purpose to their actions and there's nothing that makes me go "well why are they like that?"
The biggest surprise to me though was the fact that i really liked how the dragons were handled... I don't tend to dislike stories with dragons i just find they can be overpowered but i didn't feel that in this.

The only thing that made me sad about the book was the length... my kindle says it's just under 200 pages and it's just sad when something is so good but so short.

HOWEVER this isn't really an issue cause book 2 is already out (Return of the Dragon Riders) and it is longer.

Finally i have to give Kristian Alva major credit for that last line. I loved it...

hmm guess i haven't talked much about the plot... ok... i'll try not to spoil anything.

Elias is a young boy in a small town living with his grandmother. They both have some magical ability but because the emperor wants all the mages in the land to himself they do their best to keep it hidden. One day when gathering mushrooms Elias comes across an emerald which seems to have the carving of a Dragon in it.  After bringing it to his grandmother she confirms that it's a dragon stone and even though it's technically worth a lot of money it may bring great danger to the house. And from their the adventure begins.... i don't want to say anymore cause that takes the fun out of it.

The book cost a buck on the kindle and it's sequel is 3.58... book three isn't out yet but hopefully will come out soon (according to her blog around April) and she has another series planned for 2013

Her website is

so yeah if you like fantasy I think you will really enjoy this book... I know I did.

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