Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Completed: Kingdom Hearts Birth by sleep… all of it… kinda

Originally posted August 14, 2011 on tumblr

so i played through this entire damn game working really hard to get the secret ending…. but i missed 1 report cause i didn’t really ever go to the arena
i tried to go after i had beaten the game with that character but the game literally looked at me and said “yeah this is how you get that report… but you beat the game already… so we wont give it to you…. and by the way…. if you want it you have to replay terra’s chapter all over again…. cause i’m cool like this.”

And this my friends is my main gripe with the Kingdom heart series.
The first one i didn’t get the secret ending cause i was way too lazy to do a 100% run… i’m sorry but no… also i didn’t know about it…. it was secret and all…
the second one i knew it was there so i played the game, trying to find out how to get it on my own… only to beat the game and find out that i missed 1 chest as Roxas and i can’t get it and therefor can’t get the secret ending… again not replaying an entire game for one thing i missed… that’s what you tube is for.

so now we have come to birth by sleep… i enjoyed Terra’s story more then the other two… even more then Ventus who i really enjoyed…. i hated playing aqua… she was so weak and really until the bonus chapter that i never got to play she adds NOTHING to the story… just “well… darkness is bad and light is good and there is no middle ground” despite EVERYONE around her trying to show her that there needs to be a balance of dark and light and one cannot be around without the other.
another reason why i don’t feel too bad about being screwed out of the bonus chapter is cause aqua is the only playable character… and i was happy never to need to use her again.

anyways enough bitching about always missing one thing for the secret stuff…
Terra story was great cause it was a bit darker then the other two… the boy seriously needs to learn when he’s being lied to but in the end it worked out in my opinion… out of the three he has the best twist and his story contained soem plot points that i didn’t see coming at all unlike the other two which were fairly predictable.

however his story felt shorter then the other two… maybe because he is way overpowered i got through areas faster but i also feel like his plot points were shorter.

either way it was in the end an ok game… the load times, even after installing the game, were ridiculously long. the plot convoluted as all hell especially considering it’s meshing 3 time lines… 7 if you count mickey, sora, riku and kairi part in the story. and for a square disney crossover…. where are all the final fantasy characters… and no… sora, riku, kairi and all the Characetrs specific to the series DO NOT COUNT. there is only one that i can think of… Zack…. which was great and made me very happy but this is supposed to be a cross over…. maybe because you never really have a disney character partner in this game they decided to no use FF characters…. but still… kinda disappointed…

so yeah… if your a fan of the series go play but you probably have already…. if kingdom hearts never did anything for you this wont change you mind.
*still bitter about the secret ending bullshit even though she’s ranted*

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