Sunday, 12 February 2012

The good and bad of art college

the good:
Learn lots of new technique from artist who practice in the field.

The bed:
Having stupid classes that are really just there to fill out the semester.

I'm in my final semester... i only have about 8 or 9 weeks left then i am done...
I love almost all my classes.... or at least i did last semester.... we had Drawing, painting, sculpting, an elective, web design and photography.... it was great...

this semester changed it up a bit... now we have drawing, painting, sculpting... so far so good... Web images (which should be called After effects 101.. but i love this one) good good... okay what else... buisness... not fun but at least it's useful... and finally Digital imagery... well that doesn't sound so bad.

except it's the wrong title for the class... it's should be called Digital and Traditional cross over.
in theory it's not a bed thing to teach artist... especially since not everyone in our class is good with a computer so teaching them that they can use the two to aid each other in either direction isn't a bad thing.... but it feel like a year 1 class... not a final year one.
also... and this is my biggest issue... i'm not learning a damn thing
it's literally just a class to make sure we have a lot of work to do at home... or at least we would if we didn't do it all while the teachers 'tried' to give lectures about projects that we aren't even starting for another few weeks.
To add insult to injury the entire year (cause in our college program we all have the same course load no matter what) in the same class... kinda... see the 49 of us left were split into 2 groups (eventually a third was added but i think there are only 12 in it)... so week two comes along... group one is in the digital lab.... but group two is in the painting room.
now i don't even mind that idea the problem i have is that group two got kinda screwed... we had to start projects in a different order so we technically lost a week to get out images checked before we had them printed.. yes we had an extra week on our panorama but we couldn't really do anything with it.

i honestly don't mind the class overall... i do with it were in year one instead of 2d design or maybe along with 2d design but the fact that it's one of the last classes i'll ever have here AND i'm not learning anything? that's upsetting.

oh well... come april i'll be free to go work or travel...

Side note~ i hate when teachers assume that my generation hates reading... maybe next time you make a broad generalization you think to ask if people like to read or not...
other side note ~ if you dont want an honest opinion... don't ask for it... we had a project that was literally "experiment with photoshop" and she asked if it was useful... one girl spoke out and said it wasn't and the teacher replies with "well i think it is"
THEN WHY ASK.... news flash... experimenting in photoshop is fine for a beginner course.... were in third year and most of use have been using photoshop for a while and the others all had an intro class to it last year. so yeah... this project wasn't useful... if you think otherwise that's fine you are entitled to your opinion... just don't bother asking us for ours then.

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