Saturday, 11 February 2012

Completed: L: Change the World

originally posted June 25, 2011 on tumblr

Some minor spoilers…. but i think everyone knows anything i’ll say so yeah…
so when it comes to death note i enjoyed it but felt it was majorly overrated…. i started reading it a little before it got incredibly popular but still it was an interesting concept.
However I felt kinda jipped when L died the way he did in the manga and anime. it was just kind of pathetic…
Then i watched the live action movies… the first one was okay… retread of some of the first plot points of the manga with a few changes to make it more interesting… i didn’t hold high hopes for the second one… i figured it would be more of the same
boy was i wrong.
It is same to a point… when light tries to write L’s name down to silence him L turns the table around and shows that he’s already written his name down and will die 23 days later… this proves light is kira and L wins…. yay
but L still has to die in 23 days. and that's the focus of this movie.
I do have to say this movie isn’t as good as the second movie but i’m biased… it’s main plot thread is that they have a virus that's essentially Ebola crossed with the flu.
I hate plague films.
Also this really has nothing to do with death note… it’s burned within the first 20 mins…. the most reference we get to death note comes in the beginning with cameos and mentions of other cases like the BB murder (which i know very little about and care even less) and at the end with another mention of a character from the manga. this really could have been called anything since it’s plot is “man has only a little time left to live but he can use that time to save the world from the nasty virus”
Still i enjoyed seeing how L was played… the actor did a great job…. and he spoke lovely English, french and Italian to boot.
so yeah as a stand alone movie L: Change the world is a decent if not predictable film, with a run time of just over 2 hours it can be a little taxing to sit through but in the end it’s still watchable. As the 3rd death note movie it’s a nice conclusion and a good way to show how the series should have ended.

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