Saturday, 18 February 2012

My Personal Issue With 3D

i'll try and make this short... emphasis on Try.

3d in film. 

I pretty much hate 3d movies... why?

1)  even though i'm a college student not all the theaters around me have a student rate so if i want to go to  movie it's gunna cost around 13.... 3d films however will charge around 2 dollars more for the pleasure of wearing some stupid looking sunglasses... if doesn't matter if you bring your own 3d glasses... the charge is still there.  also if you want to see a film in imax 3d... you'll probably be charged an extra 5 bucks cause imax is expensive....

2) when not done well it's actually painful... i've sat through a few 3d films that didn't give me massive migraines but most (about 90% of the ones i've seen) do.... i don't get motion sickness so i have no idea why it affects me so badly but it does.

3) it's a gimmick so films that are like "omg we're in 3d cause it's cool and stuff" will almost always have a 'something coming at the screen' shot.

4) those something coming at the screen shots almost alwasy fail cause 3d doesn't ever actually jump out at you... the best you'll get is something coming forward a little but more likely then not 3d just gives the illusion that there is more depth in the screen.... not that things are coming out of the screen... if you want things to come out at you go to those lazer shows in science centers.... i know when i was a kid... not sure if they are still around.

5) films that focus on the 3d tend to forget that there is a thing called story and yeah it's nice when what we are looking is cool.... but we need plot and characters or we just wont care.

so yeah.... i actually endeavor to avoid films in 3d cause i do not want the industry moving that way.

but why bring this up?
well i own a 3ds.

3d in games

i love this little nintendo handheld.... the only thing i dislike? the 3d....
yeah the main selling feature i only turn on when it's necessary to solve a puzzle. *glares at super mario world.* but the thing is... i want to like the 3d... it's glasses free and very rarely shoves things in your face it really just focuses on giving more depth in the screen.

so why do i hate it?
1) you have to be in the perfect position to have the 3d work with no ghosting or pain... this being a handheld device means that finding the perfect position and then holding it for the duration of the game... it's not the easiest task.

2) other then one game where again it was necessary for some puzzles.... it's not useful at all. it makes the screen darker and the image a bit more blurry.... it's just easier to play with the slider set to 2d.

granted.... the system hasn't been out long and more games that better utilize the 3d will come out...

i seriously hope this whole 3d thing goes away soon... or they fix all the problems with it and start focusing on story again.

looks like i wasn't able to keep this short after all... sorry

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