Friday, 17 February 2012

Completed: Taming Fire

Originally posted August 23, 2011 on tumblr

So yeah…. i’ve been reading a lot lately… thanks to the fact that it takes forever to get home in rush hour i’ve been able to get through quite a bit….
so yeah… Taming Fire by Aaron Pogue.

Holy shit this book was good. It only cost .99 cents on the kindle store but i feel like i want to pay more to support the author. i’ll probably read his other books while i wait for book 2 and 3 to come out for this series…. granted sci-fi isn’t really my thing… anyways getting off topic…

We follow the story of Davin of many names… no seriously he has a bazillion titles throught the book. however this story begins with him as Simply Daven. he’s a young shepard helpign his master who has shown him great kindness. he enjoys spending his free time sparring wiht other boy around his age and uses a spell that can detect a ‘fatal hit’ without any actual death happening.

one day after one of the boy says he’s going to join the guard a member of the kings royal guard approaches Daven saying he’s been searching for him and through an exchange of words begin to spar.
Miraculously Daven wins and the guard is pissed, ready to kill the man…. however he is frozen by some crazy old wizard who mentions he’s looking for him as well…

so he is ripped from the comfortable world he knows into a world where he is to be hated… and to become a weapon to fight against some currently unseen threat.

of course nothing is so easy…. and the story unfolds from there…. and i loved every moment of it. I felt overall the dragons should have been introduced a bit more earlier on but that is such a minor complaint… and even i know it’s a bit unfair since they are introduced pretty early…. but yeah…. the pacing of that one little plot point felt off to me is all i’m trying to say.

Also after reading books with lots of swearing and darker gritty situations it was so nice and refreshing to read something that didn’t rely on grit… it gets dark in some points and you really feel for the characters but it never goes for the gross out effect. well other that that one guy who gets killed near the start… but i’m starting to see i get squeamish when eyes and sharp things meet. also this book doesn’t glorify killing… the main character tries really hard to avoid it at all cost and that was great
plus i loved the magic system… it’s really well described and easy to see in my head.

so yeah if you like fantasy give the book a try… second volume comes out in December  (oh i hate waiting…….)

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