Monday, 27 February 2012

Completed: Restraint (Ghost Targets #3) by Aaron Pogue

Originally published September 29, 2011 on tumblr

a) love this setting, this volume starts showing more of the flaws within the hathor system and hints at something more sinister then what the system has been portrayed as in the other two books.

b) love the writer cause by the looks of it he works really fast….. Book two of the dragon prince series i think is supposed to be released in December…. and then book 4 of this series will be released in February… so it’s giving me lots of things to read while i wait for book two of the Lightbringer trilogy

c) I love that this didn’t feel like an ending…. most of the time book three (oh most any series) tends to close a lot of plot threads… this one actually leaves a few open…

what is the evil mastermind really planning?
is letting technology run so much of our lives good or detrimental?
what will happen with the main character and the main love interest?
why do certain characters seem to hate each other but also seem to help the main character when they can.
WHAT WILL THE NEXT CASE BE? (most important question of course)

ok, yes this book makes book 2 look inconsequential to the plot other then a few hints but i have a feeling it’ll come more into play with time and more books…. for now i just plan to happily enjoy.
now off to read a book a friend recommended…. i trust her taste so i’m looking forward to it… even if it’s in first person… which i am not looking forward to…. oh well..

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