Sunday, 19 February 2012

Completed: Gods Tomorrow (ghost targets 1)

Originally posted August 29, 2011 on tumblr

yet another book by Aaron Pogue…. it’s always fun finding new fav authors.
so yeah… to start off i’m not a huge fan of Sci-fi…. it has it’s place and i enjoy it from time to time but i’ll almost always pick fantasy over it.
so going back to Taming fire, same author i was all excited to see he had written another series that i could read while i way for the dragon prince series to continue…. my excitement lasted until i saw it was sci-fi….
then i read another book… the gatekeeper… which really wasn’t my cup of tea… so i said… screw it i wanna at least try the other series.
and i was pleasantly surprised… At first glance seems like a big brother-esque kind of setting where this system named Hathor watches and records everything. and while that is a little accurate… it’s more like if big brother/capitalism had a baby…. yes the system watches and records every move so that if a crime is committed the past recordings can be used as evidence but it (on the surface at least) believes that innocent until proven guilty….. but of course… money can sway things (granted it seems to take a lot of money)… as well as those with the ability to hide from the system going around committing crimes (known as Ghosts) there’s a special unit of the FBI that works on finding and apprehending these ‘ghosts’ and our story revolves around the new recruit, Katie Pratt, who is a bit intimidated by going from top dog of the police to lowest flea of the FBI.
so yeah the story is sci-fi but honestly it doesn’t feel like it’s too far off…. there area few points where she can’t look at this handheld that she (and everyone) else carries… and it practically kills her… she feels cut off from the real world… it’s more subtle then that but really made me think of ‘oh god what would happen if Iphones got to this level…. getting to a point where people trust the computers judgement more then their own. but it’s not played like “omg the evils of technology!” (well not in the first book at least) more like…. “omg the evils of the people who made/abuse technologies who consider themselves more then men” and that i really enjoyed.
also the pacing felt a little better then taming fire… i enjoyed taming fire more overall but yeah… i prefer fantasy… that's just my yeah…. really good book, really good author…. looking forward to more works in the future.
as far as i can see one if not 2 more books of this series are available… but for now i’m going to go back to fantasy… even if only for a little bit.

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