Thursday, 9 February 2012

Adara -From Start to Finish-

A quick back story to this.
In my final year of college our painting class has been assigned a 28 week project.... the first semester focuses on the proposal and the second on the execution of said proposal.
it had to be a series of 6 images but NOT a image comprised of 6 panels... the panels needed to work both separate and together.
My proposal deals with Colour and the psychology that goes along with it.
so the six colour i plan to do will be Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, blue and Purple....
well that was the plan... in the end i may just do a bunch and pick the 6 i like no matter what colour they are. hell i may even try black and white cause while they aren't technically colours they do have psychology attached to them...

so I tried to document the process.... the panel is large (14x20 hot pressed watercolour paper)... at least larger then what i'm comfortable using... so there are some anatomy problems but like i said i hope to make more then 6 and pick the best ones.

I also decided to make the panels featuring my characters cause then i don't have to try and figure out what the person in my paintings look like... so this one is Adara, her stone is the amethyst and therefor i made her colour Purple.
Purple is assosicated with Royalty (due to the fact it was an incredibly difficult pigment to find and only royals could afford it) as well wealth, wisdom, Spirituality (again probably because it's so rare to findin nature)
Due to it's rarity it's often seen as being artificial or exotic. It is said to promote good vision and it gives a sense of power.

so from all of that i created my piece
first the sketch... i had to photograph it instead of scannin so the angle isn't always perfect and the lighting was terrible.
I like working with black lines, always have so i continued that trend with this piece... i was nervous as hell since if you mess up with ink then you have to find a way to make it work or start over.
then i strated to add the colour, this is about halfway through and i quickly found out i love this paper and it's way nicer to work with as opposed to cold pressed.
this is the final project, i'll proabbly still touch it up since the project isn't due till april but i am happy enough with the results... the image looks more blue on the outfit but it looks like a dark purple in real life...
so yeah... 1 down... 5 more to go... at least...

So it can be purchased as either a print or an iphone case at Red Bubble 

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