Saturday, 11 February 2012

Completed: Return of the Dragon Riders by Kristian Alva

Book 2 of the Dragon Stone Saga.

I have got to slow down with the books... cause now i have to wait till the end of april for Book 3....
I'm not the biggest fan of waiting.
Oh well, we continue our story with Elias as he travels all over to find safety from everyone who's hunting him and the power he doesn't even know he has.

yes.... that's all the description your getting from me... i really don't want to spoil anything and seeing as how this is the second book in the series that's really hard to do... so if you like fantasy and/or dragons. Give this series a read.

it was longer then the first book but still pretty short... just over 300 pages... at first i felt like it was falling into 'middle book' traps but in the end i felt like it had enough action to hold it's own and i am looking forward to the next installment.

Also once again she knows how to write a really interesting ending that hooks you for the next book. which is both great cause i'm excited to read more in this world but it also sucks cause i have to wait for it... oh well... already purchased two new titles on my kindle (one is a novella so that will probably be up tomorrow... unless i'm a good girl and finish the mountain of homework i have piling up) and i can't wait to get started.... hm... it's only midnight... that's plenty of time to get started...

once again for good measure here is her website
this book cost me $3.58 on the kindle and it was completely worth it. Book one is .99 cents and is pretty much a steal.

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